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From an early age, children love to discover hidden objects. This ability begins to develop sometimes around their first birthday. When I was a kid I used to find those things that were hidden from my sight. Generally, kids are eager to play with those things that parents hide from them like a pen or a knife.

So here we have a new app that you can get from the App Store.It’s an app called Look and Find and it is compatible with iPad and requires iOS 7.0 or later.This app has been designed by Booty Bay Limited.


Though right now there are many such objects available in the App Store, what makes Look and Find unique and different from the stack is that it helps to improve your child’s cognitive skills as well as learning skills.

This game is too simple to use. It doesn’t require any login. When you open the game, it asks a simple addition question, and you can proceed further. The game has twelve different stages/scenes and three themes; you have to choose among them which one you like, one at a time. You will be given five items to discover in every scene. Now the themes you see are created based on children’s favourite place; the zoo, the beach and the countryside. Plus, in every exciting Look and Find scene, there are five items to discover. Your goal is simple, given the object name and picture; you have to find the hidden object on the screen. Collect amazing creatures such as koala, parrot and many more things.After playing a few levels your child will find the hidden objects in no time and will improve his/her observation power a lot.


Look and Find is an app that is designed to enhance visual scanning, search, and discovery skills in kids of age five and under. With brilliant primary colours and large, easy-to-see objects, it provides just the right amount of detail without being overwhelming. The graphics are very intuitive and the sounds are really amazing. It’s quick, easy to play and complete fun as long as you play. The interface is neat and elegantly designed. The Artwork is very beautiful and perfect for such a game.

So, Look and Find is a game especially for kids in which they can learn and have fun seeking the right objects. It is an interactive games app which will help teach your child observation and memory skills in an engaging way.

It runs in a securing environment which is good for them. Your child will be more attentive to everything after playing this game. This will help you a lot in building your child’s skills.

It contains no advertisements.The app is available for free in the iTunes store.

Pros:  great art; intuitive gameplay; foreign languages; improves observation skills; free.

Cons: the app requires a lot of internal space.

Worth Having App – Download the app


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