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Mobile application analytics will push competition between applications which follow the same consumer veins. Companies like Leanplum provide solutions that help applications understand the numbers side of their product. They empower developers, product managers, and marketers with the data to learn about their users and how to optimize their services and advertising strategies. The end goal is increased retention, better engagement, and better monetization. This is accomplished through increased retention and return purchases.

Shasta Ventures provided $4.8 million in investing to aid Leanplum in adding marketing automation to its Mobile Optimization Solution. The startup launched just last year to take advantage of the growing need for mobile analytics, and has hit the ground running. Leanplum’s version of marketing automation is innovative in that it enables marketing teams to create and test in-app messages or push notifications. Instead of pushing messages to all users, specific groups can be targeted.

Leanplum has also put itself at the forefront of its market by providing an all encompassing solution. Lots of companies focus on a single pain point or industry struggle, but Leanplum tries to tackle multiple pain points at once to give their customers a one stop shopping experience.   This would allow the company to work as a single, full solution provider for their customers. This could automatically put them ahead of other similar companies, since the developers and marketing team can work with one umbrella company instead of multiple small analytics teams or solutions providers. This was a major factor in Jason Pressman, Managing Director at Shasta Ventures, decision to financially back Leanplum.

Currently, Leanplum’s services are available for iOS, but Android is still in beta production. Leanplum has recently started working with several high profile clients such as Hotwire, Wanelo, and GREE. It will be interesting to see if this starts a new trend for analytics companies who might consider branching out to get Series A Funding.

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