Launch by Quixey Launcher : Time to Customize

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Let us be Honest .There are no dearth of Launchers on Google Play Store. Everyday some or the other Launchers are ” Launched”.It is kind of good for the user who are spoilt for choices among them. Today , we are here to review ‘Launch’ By Quixey Launcher. It is still a very new app ,so it might have few quirks and maybe Pros. Read on to find out the full review.


We Reviewed Launch on a Moto E Gen 2 an on galaxy S6 Edge plus. It was a small download of about 10 MB,and we were up and running in almost no time . An amber colored display greeted us . There was initially a double drawer one with the app drawers and when you swipe right, you would be introduced to the main features of the app which is ‘Deep View Card’ which let’s you access all app contents on a single page. It was a kind of good thought to include this feature.What it let’s you do is like , suppose you book a cab through , uber from there. Then instead of closing the app down or minimising it ,what you do is you scroll down and use another app for instance Zomato . This feature comes in handy when you want to do something quickly or you might want to save a few moments of your precious time.

Another USP of the launcher is what Quixey calls it a ‘People Hub’. The launcher learns your calling pattern and using an algorithm gets you suggested contact.It might at a later time be more improved , and we are going to be delighted when it is done.


The app also has few common gesture , which can be customised using the settings option from the app menu. Gestures like Swipe Up to open app drawer , swipe down for a quick search are present.Double TAp, Two Finger Swipe Up and Two – Finger swipe Down are also there.

The company also claims a Power Search which lets you search app, contact, messages ,Emails etc. This also comes in handy, and might even save you a few moments. Additionals features like customising wallpapers ,downloading them ,app search.The icon could also be customised with personal needs. Social media integrations also would have made it a better overall experience , but they missed on this part.

Now let us come to the experience. The time which we spent with the product us were quite good. The features came in handy almost all the times. We were never overwhelmed with them. But the performance of the app was not very good. The app made our device slow down .Sometimes it worked well with zippy and fast performance but at some instants it bogged us down and also sometimes crashed. This might be due to a bug or a error of some kind. Nothing an update would not fix.When this is fixed , along with the handy and innovative features , this is going to be one of the coolest launchers around. We sincerely wait for an update and we can’t really wait to try it out.

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editor6Launch by Quixey Launcher : Time to Customize

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