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It is said that gut instincts, sheer determination and proper strategies can only take a businessman so far. Therefore, to see you business move and transcend to the next level requires that as a business man, you employ and apply some very strategic moves based on the raw data , key metrics and best practices in order to realize your ultimate goal. But even so , you need to monitor your business performance anytime and from anywhere and so whether you are a start up, a medium size business or simply a large enterprise, you definitely need to keep a close eye on your business consistently and always. Well, that has since been made simple with the advent of the application known as KPI Alerts professional. Interestingly, the KPI Alert professional application is known to be mainly compatible with iOS devices such as the iPhone, an iPad or simply an iPod touch and lots more of devices that have the iOS 5.1.


It is actually a must have app for those enterprises that need to keep a close eye on their businesses. From start ups to small and medium businesses, you almost can not afford to miss this program. That way you can monitor the different KPI’s of your business through your mobile phone and always be updated with some of the latest changes . Therefore, with this application, you no longer need to consume time checking on your emails or have to wait for your company manager to give you any of the sudden and dramatic information from your organization, since with KIP will always keep you on high alert and up close with what is going on in your firm.


In essence, this application fetches data from your emails and displays on its dashboard to let you know of any changes and to allow you to take action accordingly, should some indicators go wrong or simply out of range. KPI alert is an easy to start and to get started app, in fact downloading and installing KPI is just but a matter of minutes, not to mention the fact that it is a free application for the respective iOS devices. Plus, monitoring it is even a lot more easier, given that it has a simple, intuitive, easy to read and to interpret features. With this app, data is automatically collected from various sources from the emails and displayed in real time. Actually, it is upon you to decide on which KPIs and how many KPI’s variables that you would want to follow and even so, some of the sensitive business data is secured in the Amazon cloud database to ensure that all your information is protected.

The KIP’s app looks very professional, with an admirable layout. It fulfills its functions by employing some Google analytic, various sales data and server alerts. In essence, KIP’s will shows you the tile that you have set it up for such that on the right hand side of the dashboard one is able to view any of the changes. Red signal will indicate negative changes such as a loss, with the green signaling positive changes like a profit not to mention the yellow signal that will be displayed when none or minor changes occur. Thus, if you need to monitor the performance of your business anytime and from anywhere, then KPI alert is the best application to help you keep an up close and personal relationship with you business all the way.

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