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The easiest and quickest way for children to improve their knowledge outside of school is for them to play games. The best way for them to learn math problems is for them to repeatedly practice, unfortunately children do not always find learning fun. Kids Math is a fun mathematical tool that allows children to challenge themselves and still feel as if they are playing a game while they are learning.

Kids Math is also a mathematical app that allows children, or even adults, to improve their problem solving speed. The options on the application allow for complete customization for the user’s skill level or simply allow kids to practice what they are currently struggling on in their schooling.

The application allows the user to practice, separately or in any combination: multiplication, addition, division, subtraction. The user can also find the largest or smallest number and compare fractions. Some questions even feature a combination of different operations.

If a parent has multiple children who need to practice their math skills, the application tracks the scores of ten different players so they can even compete for the highest score.

The layout of the kid’s learning app is pleasing to the eye and appeals to children of all ages while remaining simple. The user needs only to select the correct answer from the four presented options and they are given a completely new question; more correct answers will eventually lead to more challenging questions. Adults will also find the app useful because of the option to transcend the eight levels while being timed; wrong answers result in a loss of six seconds while correct answers give the user a precious four additional seconds. This prevents children from incorrectly or randomly selecting answers.

When kids hone their mathematical skills they can practice with the timed version, but beginning children can play without being timed while they build their mathematical knowledge.

Many children have to take and pass timed addition, division, multiplication, and subtraction tests while they are in elementary school and this kid’s mathematical tool is one of the best ways for them to practice math problems without becoming bored, plus they receive immediate feedback.

Since the app is free, parents may be concerned about the advertisements that their children will be seeing, but they can rest easy knowing that all ads present on Kids Math are age appropriate.

If you or your child struggles in math, the best way for them to succeed is to practice using Kids Math.


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Earnest RajKids Math – Review

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