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One of the earliest skills a child learns is to differentiate between shapes. Traditionally a parent would show a picture of a simple square or draw a circle, however the Kids Learn Shapes Android App has made it possible to apply these skills to real life objects in an interactive format. The app solves the problem of the busy parent who can now help their child learn shapes using their mobile device while on the go. This is the perfect app for your child to play while out grocery shopping, waiting for an oil change, or simply running errands. The shapes currently included are circle, rectangle, triangle, square, rhombus and oval. Children will view these shapes as objects related to their everyday life such as a plate, napkin, cutting board or fruits that they are familiar with. Using common objects gives a deeper association for the child as it relates to them and the world around them.

This app allows children to learn shapes as applicable to real life. Many educational become overcrowded with audio and visual stimulation for young learners, not Kids Learn Shapes. The app is simple to use and focuses solely on shapes, so there are no distractions for your child. After correctly identifying the shapes, children will be excited to be rewarded with a medal. Positive reinforcement encourages your child to continue learning and expanding the shapes that they can identify. Kids Learn Shapes gives children a digital playground to explore different shapes and begin to identify them. This app helps children develop awareness to all of the shapes that surround them on a daily basis.

The images of shapes included are large, vibrant, and easy to distinguish in order to catch the attention of very young learners. The App allows children the ability to swipe through the pictures without exiting the program. It is an excellent tool for babies to begin simple shape associations as well as toddler and preschoolers to learn the correct name for a shape. Your child does not need to have any previous knowledge of shapes in order for this app to be effective. Kids Learn Shapes perfectly balances the line between being educational and simply being fun. This app demonstrates a clean understanding of the developmental needs of children ages 1 and up. The concept, style, and simplicity make Kids Learn Shapes a must have for all parents of young children.


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Earnest RajKids Learn Shapes – Review

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