Keep track of stuff with Things

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Things is one of the latest apps designed to help users with their productivity; it acts like a task manager and is pretty simple to use making it a straightforward app while still being powerful enough. The app has no awkward moments in the set-up making it fast to set-up and users can begin to use it daily. Things is a paid for iOS app however there is a free trial available for users to test it before they buy it.

Users can quickly enter items they need to do to any of their lists; the app separates the to-do list in various sections which make it easy to see what things are the most important, what errands need to be done and also the less important things too. Things allows the user to date their to-do list, and the app will alert the user if the task needs to be completed that day. Users can check the calendar in the app to see what day things needs to be done and also input more; it’s also possible to add long projects with various sub-sections to get the necessary pieces of a project completed.

The Things app has a clean layout which is not cluttered; it makes it easy to understand the to-do list and helps keeps users organized. When an item has been completed, the user just needs to tick the item off the checklist for it to be marked as complete. The different items on the list have different colored boxes which means that the items have a particular priority level; the priority level color system makes it simple for users to find what task they should focus first. The app will tell the user how many tasks need to be completed each day and also allow the user to label them in a way that suits them. The Daily Review feature places the most important tasks at the top of the to-do list along with tasks that need to be completed that day. All of these features make the app simple to use and easy to use when on a busy schedule.

Things works across all iOS devices and also on Mac computers; the app works on a Cloud and users can access their list from a variety of devices including iPhones, Macs and also the Apple Watch. For one purchase a user can access their to-do list almost anywhere from most Apple devices which makes this a treasured app for Apple users.

Adam WolfeKeep track of stuff with Things

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