Jinglay : Express Yourself in 15 Secs !

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The Jinglay is an iphone app derived from two words the jingle and the relay. The jinglay app brings the interactions among the app`s user. For example, between the family and friends. It builds jingles based on the topic between the users. The jinglay app helps the user to share sound, voice and musics.It is a well designed app that gives power to the music lovers, musicians and the social media communicators to express to each other through jingles. Currently the jinglay app is free in the Play and App store.

As it is known as the relay and the jingle,the app is scavenging into the contemporary type of audio and medium. The jinglay app is about relaying the jingles with one another. In addition, the jinglay app also applies the streaming process which allows other stream users to relay the jingles together.

The new platform app helps the users to communicate or express within 15 second clips among themselves.Moreover,the jinglay assist one when he/she is listening to the music which helps the users to donate or contribute to jinglay jam sessions, have debates and share music.

In summary the jinglay app links emotions to listen to sound, music and voice in the media. It is an innovative way of the users to have a way of expressing their moments with their friends and family through the jingles.

To the music lovers who are in the world of music, they need to have this jinglay app to share their music with their customers. The customers will be able to listen and enjoy the latest type of music globally. Through the jam sessions superb music will be listened through this app.

The jinglay also allows the users to express themselves in a unique ways to their features in term of the performance and the audio. The instrumental and vocal skills are observed through the performance features of the app.

In my perspective with my iphone having the jinglay app, it has good audio and the performance functions and the features.

Cons and Pros of Jinglay app


  • The app is built with features that are easier to work with and also it performs faster on the ipad or the iphone.
  • The other major advantage is that the app is available in the play and the app store. One can easily download the app from the stores.
  • The app is secured and is safety since there is the approval of the play store.
  • The app is designed in a way the user can utilize the app with ease.


  • The process of downloading the app sometimes is long and tedious since many users with the ipads and iphones are popular.
  • The jinglary app may be different versions and the user may fail to have the knowledge of the best version.

In conclusion the app`s manufacturer has a social network of the app on audio and music. The network can be used in sharing audio clips and music easily.

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