Jigsaw Puzzles for Girls – Review

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Jigsaw Puzzles For Girls is one of the free educational Android apps created by Hedgehog Academy specifically for girls ranging in age from toddlers to children in elementary school. All their games are designed by a professional child psychologist to develop brain functions such as attention spans, spatial cognition, and imagination.

This girls app contains two styles of logic game which they call jigsaw puzzles. Unlike a traditional jigsaw puzzle, however, there are no complicated, oddly-shaped, interlocking pieces to try your child’s patience. Instead, each of these logic puzzles is a fun game made from one of a selection of pictures which is broken up into a number of tiled squares depending on the style of game and skill level selected.

Once the player chooses a picture, it is separated and rearranged randomly into a grid. The hard work then begins as each piece has to be rotated in place or physically moved into the correct order as the original. Holding the help key at any time will bring the original picture back on the screen by superimposing it over the puzzle until the button is released.

Each puzzle has two modes and three skill levels. Anyone of any age or gender can play them, but it is suggested that the more difficult levels are meant for girls between 6-10 years old. The very easy levels are for girls around 4-5 years of age. Little boys can always play these games too, of course, but with the graphics being full of pink unicorns, princesses, fairies, and pretty butterflies, some of them may not want to.

Rotating tiles of the picture to build the whole picture is the easier girls puzzle which seems to be aimed at the youngest of players. According to which level is initally chosen, there are 12 tiles arranged in a 4 x 3 grid for “Easy”, 48 tiles arranged as 8 x 6 grid for “Medium”, or 108 tiles arranged in a 12 x 9 grid for “Hard”. One of the unspecified by products of this puzzle is that it may also help with mathematical challenges and pattern finding as well as problem solving.

The more difficult challenge in this puzzle app consists of dragging separate tiles to their correct places to build the picture. This one is more like a conventional jigsaw puzzle although you do not have to physically pick up and drop the puzzle pieces in place. Once again, according to the skill level, the picture is broken up into higher numbered grids. “Easy” is the same 12 tiles in a 4 x 4 grid, but “Medium” is 35 tiles in a 7 x 5 grid, and “Hard” is 70 tiles in a 10 x 7 grid instead. If in doubt over which type of puzzle app is being played, a question mark can be pressed to display the game info.

The instructions for the second style of puzzle say that you can drag and drop the sections, but it can also be completed by clicking the picture you wish to move and then tapping the picture in the space that you wish to move it to. Depending on the size and quality of your screen, some children may find the second option more comfortable. For that reason, this puzzle app is best on tablets with larger screens, but it will also work on any smartphone with Android 2.2 and upwards.


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