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Talking to your friends in US was never easier. Now with the new iPlum app in your iPhone or iPad, you can talk to any resident of the United States from any outside country as if you’re standing right next to them, in their home town. Sounds a bit misleading, right? But every single word I’ve stated here is true to its meaning. So what is iPlum?

iPlum turns your phone into a device with a U.S number inside. So if you have a friend who has just emigrated to U.S and you want to talk to him, you don’t need worry about the bill. Just get this app installed on your phone and you can talk to him endlessly @1cent/minute only. The numbers are really astonishing and one can understand one bargain is here on sale. In fact, you pay even more for your local calls in your own country. So iPlum is really offering diamonds-for-free here! You have to pay another $1/month subscription fee. But it doesn’t make any difference, does it?

But how does the app works? Are there any hidden terms or conditions? Will I have to watch any advertisement first? These are some of the questions that arise in every mind. But a simple answer to all of them is: No, there are no conditions at all. The procedure to call a person with iPlum is the same as a normal phone call. You just have to dial the number. You can call any landline or mobile phone number in the U.S and it doesn’t need to have iPlum installed on it. So you can virtually call anybody; even Mr. President of the United States (though there are some conditions here!). iPlum also supports messaging at the same price i.e. 1cent/SMS. This service comes very handy in case you’re running a service for clients in U.S and you have to confirm their appointment.

Even if this wasn’t enough, then they’re providing free calling and messaging services for app-to-app connections. So if the app is installed on both sides, you can simply switch from your paid subscription and check out their freemium offerings. Group messaging; image/video sharing, file sharing, etc are just some of the features that this app provides you. So this app has all the ingredients of an instant hit.

Affordability is the key at iPlum. They’re giving you services at no price at all. Plus, they have made sure that the user doesn’t hesitate using any forms of the app. So they have kept the quality top-notch and a user-interface that’s streamlined and easy to use. The voice quality is very good and when your app manages your professional contacts and keeps your professional life confined without letting it mix with the other half of your life, what more do you need!

So summing it up, I’d say that iPlum has a very affordable plan blended with a high-quality designed app that makes sure you’d never miss a friend in U.S again!

Pros: streamlined interface; 1cent/minute calls; 1cent/SMS; HD voice quality; free app-to-app calling and messaging; free.

Cons: none.

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