iOS gets a new classic-feel platformer: Super Phantom Cat

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Super Phantom Cat is one of the latest platform games to be released on iOS devices; it was developed by Veewo Games and was released several days ago however it might feel quite familiar to long-time platform game fans.

It features many of the classic platform game elements which platform players love such as jumping on enemies, collecting stars, exploration and much more. Super Phantom Cat can look a little bit like a Super Mario game at times because of this; it follows a set pattern that works and still has room for a few new elements too.

The game has five unique worlds for the player to explore and complete; each level has different challenges. Super Phantom Cat is mainly about getting through each level by jumping over obstacles and enemies; there is also some pick-up abilities however which are used to open new pathways to reach new areas and find more collectibles. Abilities such as a bullet sprite give the player a gun to blast through enemies and objects while the smash sprite allows the player to slam particular objects to break them. There is also an invulnerability power which is only given to the player when they die a certain amount of times of a single level; the power is very similar to the invincibility star from the Super Mario series.

If players wish to 100% the game then they also need to collect the three stars hidden on each level; finding these requires players to search actively for them and to use the special abilities The Phantom Cat is given in each level. There are various playable characters to be unlocked by progressing through the game.

Gameplay in Super Phantom Cat is simple and easy to learn. There are on-screen buttons the player must press to move and jump; the on-screen reminders makes it easier for players to control the character as they progress through the levels. If the player is unhappy with the button sizes or locations, they can just change the size to suit their needs and move the buttons to anywhere on the screen that suits them.

Super Phantom Cat is an iOS exclusive platform game which requires players to part with a small amount of money to buy it. It is very similar to classic platformers of the past such as Super Mario. However, it has good game controls making it easy to learn; there is plenty of playtime with this game and also a replay value due to the various unlockable characters.

Adam WolfeiOS gets a new classic-feel platformer: Super Phantom Cat

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