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AFTER is one of the best apps present in the App Store. It has been officially developed by After App B.V. The size of this app is about 55.2 MB. It is only available in two languages i.e. English and Dutch. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and iOS 9.0 or later one.

Purpose of This App

We all as a whole have last wishes reside deep in our hearts that we want to share with our friends and family but couldn’t. Due to this reason, the After App B.V. developers thought to make an app that can help in making life simple and easy for the ones that are gone.

Why is it different from others?

In AFTER- IOS App, you can easily store all your special memories, feelings, last wishes and regrets. You can easily update all these things whenever you want. Not just that, you can make amendments to your wishes at any time. There is no limit to add last wishes, regrets, and feelings. You might think that AFTER is just a simple app like others available over the internet or App Store. But it is not! The interface is very attractive and simple to understand. The amendments and updates are simple to make without any problem. You can also share all your emotions and last wishes to the people you love the most.

What Can You Record In It?

With this app, you can easily make a digital time capsule by just storing all your pictures, texts and videos of your emotions and insights with other people. You can access four categories to do recording and sharing. These categories are following:

1) Funeral Wishes

2) Personal Messages

3) Belongings

4) Things To Be Arranged

In the “Funeral Wishes”, you can record all your wishes for your funeral and can share them with your dear ones. In the “Things To Be Arranged”, you can store and record all the things that you want to be arranged perfectly when you will be gone forever.

Pros & Cons

AFTER app has its specific pros and cons that are explained below.


• It is entirely safe to use. The information would not get lost or leaked out.

• The information will only be shared with the ones you will choose.

• It is essential to provide information to your dear ones. This information includes the bank accounts and different insurances.

• You can easily set your last wishes for the arrangements for your funeral.

• It is easy to send personal messages to other via texts, pictures, and videos.


• At times, it becomes a bit slow.

• To choose the unlimited messages option, you need to purchase the in-app subscription.

• The in-app subscription is only applicable for 12 months rather than a lifetime.


As you have checked out the pros and cons, it will be easy for you to comprehend that AFTER- IOS App is a nice app. You can store all your regrets and last wishes in it and set a time of sharing with the people you will choose.

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