Install the free Ecwid e-commerce app and enjoy the transactions

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Any business that sells online must install a platform that allows buyers to buy and pay. If you have an e-commerce website, the need to integrate a shopping cart is a must. There are several shopping cart solutions available today.

Ecwid is a shopping cart that blends seamlessly into your website. The good thing is that with Ecwid, you set this extension and your categories, products and checking out pages are embedded on your site, adjusting to the page layout and size.

And now Ecwid merchants, who previously had only iOS app for their disposal, are finally able to to run their stores using their Android phones and tablets.

Merchants are now able to receive and manage their orders right from the mobile app, receive notifications on the new orders, modify inventory, alter products’ names and description, change their photos and, as the company promises, soon we’ll be able to even sell on-the-go using their smartphone.

The Ecwid allows merchants to manage their products. With this tool you can view every catalog item and if necessary, do an update before completing the order. Since you are allowed to update the items such as editing the titles and description quickly. This app simply enables you to change anything in your store right from your pocket!

You can also process the sales by changing the order status and assigning the tracking numbers. The sales process feature makes it easy to fulfill any orders from anywhere you are located using your Android device.

Other important Ecwid’s features worth mentioning include: multiple languages support, so users benefit because it has up to forty-five translated languages. With the language detection, it becomes easier for your clients to view the store in any language that you understand. This is the best feature not contained in other e-commerce apps. Also, compared to other products in the market, the Ecwid app offers a free plan to users.

Every person who wants to add a free shopping cart needs to try the Ecwid app. With this tool, it becomes easier to integrate with the social media sites, sell from mobile devices and integrate into any of your websites, and then manage all of your stores from one location.

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editor6Install the free Ecwid e-commerce app and enjoy the transactions

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