Infinite Music App to the Infinity

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Welcome to the world of Infinite Music with infinite features. From downloading free music and videos to downloading free movies, infinite music is surely the highest ranked HD video downloader application. By employing audio analysis technologies, this app locates rhythm and tempo of the song and then split each one of them into a sequence of many small audios that are potentially combined together to produce different songs that play legion.

Infinite music remixes your favorite songs in a never ending music that would always be different from the first. As soon a song comes to a point where it’s acoustically similar to some other song, it will jump to that, thus providing you an opportunity to produce automatic mashups from your playlist. Nevertheless, you can also do this yourself by rating songs you like to those you want to avoid.

With the use of accelerometer data analysis, you can control a playlist for each activity. However, if you don’t do that yourself, Infinite Music can do that for you. It can detect your activity, whether you are driving a car, running resting or walking, it will automatically play music that will match your activity. Running at a speed of 100 steps per minute will allow infinite music to play a song of 100 BPM from your library. Well, if you don’t like that song, you can either run fast or slower to change the song.

If you are an owner of Philips Hue lights there is much more for you. Infinite Music will create a splendid light show derived from the spectrum analysis of the playing music. Enjoy!

However, this all doesn’t mean that you cannot play music in a normal way. Infinite Music backup landscape and portrait modes, 3D touch, support multi-tasking, plays mp3 email attachments, background audio, drop box audio files and iCloud drive, unlike Apple Music App.

Unluckily, to the date due to legal reasons Infinite Music is not well suited for streaming sites like YouTube or Deezer. And requires iOS 9.3 or higher. Although the old version had to several loopholes the new version offers a range of new features. It includes:

1. For an efficient tempo detection, audio analysis has been improved

2. With respect to the song tempo, the audio sequences jumps in between

3. The app plays the best rhythms in step tracking mode according to your activity

4. Selected track’s mashup automatically starts to play as soon the app is launched.

All the music is played without the DRM protection stored in the library with Infinite Music. The audio analysis technology is luckily compatible with iTunes library. For composing a mashup you need to follow several steps. These include:

1. Select a playlist or an album

2. Now chose the song of your choice

3. Before jumping to the next song select listen to delay

4. With Infinite Music, you must now activate the song transition option

5. This app will detect and save the best jumps between the songs for you.

While concluding the features, pros and cons of this app. One can clearly see the Infinite Music has provided its users with infinite features and we cannot see any loopholes in this except a few. The users will be anxiously waiting for the legalization of its compatibility with streaming sites.

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