Increase Security For Any Android For Free

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Technology is constantly evolving. Just two decades ago, our cell phones could only make calls. Now, our phones can virtually link to anywhere in the world with internet access and app features. Unfortunately, exposing our phone to the world-wide web also exposes us to all of the risks, like spying and malware. The good news is that you can increase security for your Android at absolutely no cost. Here is what you need to know:

AVG Full Scale Security 24/7Android has been working to release anti-virus apps for its users and they are finally available to download through Google Play. AVG is one of the newest apps, with the latest security features, and is available to download absolutely free. Apps like AVG offer regular antivirus scans, phone locks, and even protection for your data in case your phone is physically stolen.

Practice Safe Browsing: Once you’ve downloaded your antivirus, make sure that it is encrypting your data and protecting you on unsecured networks. When a network is “unsecured” your information is freely visible to the public, unless you are using an additional feature to protect yourself. Fortunately, apps like AVG give you the protection you need to browse anywhere.

Set Good Passwords: This may take some effort but setting passwords is one of the best ways to keep people from snooping on your phone, both physically and online. A good password should be complex and difficult to guess, but easy for you to recall. Avoid using things like your birthday or your parents’ names as these are things that are common possibilities.

Securing your phone may take some effort, but at least you do not need to pay extra fees to ensure that your mobile device is safe. Once you’ve set up your anti-virus and your passwords, make sure to keep all systems updated and to be wary of random apps that are asking for your personal information, or your money.


editor6Increase Security For Any Android For Free