InboxMind iPhone App: The Best Mail Manager !

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For anyone working in an environment whereby they receive many emails, it is crucial to prioritize the most important ones first. It can be quite time-consuming to sift through them manually. An better alternative is to use an inbox app with a mind of its own that can automatically read the user’s thoughts and prioritize his/her inbox for them. The iPhone app InboxMind is the perfect inbox app to do that.


In addition to its bright yellow logo, what makes InboxMind stand out is its user-friendly features. The app occupies just 3MB of memory space and is free of charge. It is compatible with Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Hotmail and MSN. However, the user has to upgrade his/her iPhone to iOS 8.1 or there will be difficulty in launching the app.


A notable feature of this app is the InboxRadio Smart Alerts. With this feature, the user can listen to their inbox organized by priority. This way, it is possible to check the mail while doing something else like driving, preparing reports, cooking and so on. This feature offers convenience in that an iPhone user does not have to stay glued to it in order to scroll through all mails. All one has to do is access the app and their mails will be read out to them. The good news is that it does not interfere with other apps in any way or hinder their working.


The InboxMind app prioritizes the user’s mail into several categories: High, Very High, Low, Medium and Someday. The accurate manner in which this classification is done is quite amazing. All of a user’s top priority mails are sorted on top while the junk are placed on the bottom. This order is determined by the user’s contact information and mail history. Should the user feel that a mail has by any chance been sorted in the wrong priority, he or she can manually change it.

Initially, the app may take some time to adapt to the user’s preferences. Installing it is a bit glitchy but is will work fine after a refresh. All in all, one can learn how to use it quite rapidly. iPhone users can set their own preferences if they wish to prioritize mails regarding a certain contact or project. They only have to input certain keywords and the app will do the rest for them.

Some iPhone users have concerns about security and safety, meaning they do not trust cloud services to safely store their login details. The InboxMind app has an interesting feature with respect to this. It encrypts the user’s login and password, then saving them on the device locally. Since the password is not transmitted to a third party, the likelihood of a privacy breach is significantly reduced.

There are many email apps out there. However, not many of them meet the user’s objects as they do not prioritize mails properly and have no voice functions. InboxMind is definitely the best email app. With its mail prioritizing features and user friendly interface, this app can help users make the most of their inbox.

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