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IMEI Checker Pro is more or less a guardian angel for those who want to buy mobile devices. The app can guide you when buying mobile devices to ensure you do not end up with an item that will put you on the wrong side of the law. The app has many advantages, but I also noticed a couple of disadvantages while using it; I will mention them in the course of this write-up. Be that as it may, I noticed that the many advantages of the app overshadow the not-so-sexy aspects. Continue reading to find out about the features, merits and the few demerits I noticed in this app.

Brief Description

IMEI Checker Pro is an Apple mobile app, and it can only work on iPhone and iPad platforms. It is designed to inform end users about the state of the mobile devices they plan to buy, and it works by checking the IMEI number of the mobile devices. It is more or less the perfect companion and guide for choosing which mobile device to buy.

Even though the app only works with Apple products, it can check the IMEI number of various devices, like Alcatel, LG, Samsung, and HTC.

IMEI Checker Pro is designed to provide real-time information on the spot, simplifying decision making process about the device you plan to buy.

Unique Features

The main focus of IMEI Checker Pro is to inform the end user about the specifications of a mobile device. All you have to do is to provide the IMEI number of the mobile device you want to investigate. The device automatically searches the IMEI number you have provided online and gives you helpful information about the device in question. The app uses the IMEI number to provide the information highlighted below about the mobile device being investigated.

• The iCloud status
• Device lock status
• The initial carrier
• The model
• The original buyer
• The original IMEI number
• Date of first purchase
• Device serial number
• Warranty status of the device.


Keep in mind that I only used this app for a short period. Consequently, there may be more benefits than what I have highlighted below:

• It gives you a heads-up about the device you plan to buy
• It tells about the capabilities of the device
• Additionally, it tells you if the device in question had ever been reported stolen or missing.
• With the help of this app, you can also determine if the device can be used with any mobile carrier.
• You do not want to be on the wrong side of the law, I presume. This app tells you if the device you want to buy can put you in legal trouble.
• This app can shorten and ease the research process before buying a mobile device.
• As hinted earlier, its use is not restricted to Apple devices; you can also check information about other brands of mobile devices, like Alcatel, Samsung, HTC, and LG.

The cons

I did not use the app for long, but my short experience with it is sufficient to show that the pros overshadow the cons. Be that it may, it is only fair to list out the cons I noticed in the IMEI Checker Pro.

• It cannot work without internet connectivity, which means it is almost useless Offline.
• Poor internet connection can also hamper its functionality.
• To be sincere, the interface does not look as appealing as I expected.


IMEI Checker Pro is available for download on the Appstore. The only requirement to download it is an Apple mobile device with good internet connection. The interface may not be especially impressive, but it is easy to navigate. Once installed on your iPad or iPhone, never again will you buy a mobile device without adequate information about the device.

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