Icon8, a Selfie Editor that you Need

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Icon8 is the new bot app on the block. You can call it a solo app or just a bot that can be incorporated to the messenger. It is first introduced as a bot for messengers like Facebook and Telegram and then it was launched as an iOS app due to the increased demand. The app is for editing your pictures, specially yourselfies. It may sound similar to many apps in the store but there are some differences that make it special. It is so special that already 1,000,000 userssigned up and the number is increasing every day.

The Icon8 is a photo filter app that can be used to filter selfies in order to make them look artistic. There are other apps too but this one offers six filters in total and they keep adding one and deleting one. Every time a new filter is added, the download increases by 5% and that is what makes it quite lucrative. You can actually understand why the user base grew so fast and if it keeps on performing like this.

There are six filters in the bot that keep changing on the formula of “Survival of the fittest.” Five filter remains in the new lot and one gets deleted. Filters that are shared and used more stay in the lot and the one that is not, gets deleted. This is based on the performance of the filter according to their usage. So, it is possible for one filter to stay for months and even years while one may get deleted in a week or so. The concept is really new as only the popular options stay.

It has been noted that people don’t really like to download apps but they are ready to use a bot. There is not much space consumed by the app which makes it even more lucrative deal. Icon8 bot is a preferred addition for messengers in question. While there are just two messengers supporting the app, there are more that will be added in some time. It has been surveyed that people send pictures through messenger apps more than the social media.

editor6Icon8, a Selfie Editor that you Need

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