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Icon Pop Quiz is free iOS puzzle app from Alegrium which involves guessing what the name of a famous person, movie or TV show, or who a character is after being presented with a visual clue. Optimized primarily for the iPhone’s smaller screen with colorful graphics, it is still equally enjoyable on an iPad tablet despite only being available in a vertical orientation.

In-game ads are the norm for this kind of game, and in this case, they are tiny, placed in the bottom of the screen, and quite unobtrusive. Pop-ups occasionally distract you from the gameplay, but that’s the trade-off with playing any free app, and this Icon Quiz is no different in how it earns revenue either. Also when you first log in, you are offered a chance to collect free tokens by watching “Daily Deal” videos.

Gameplay is as simple as guessing the correct answer based on the icons shown. The sooner you answer correctly, the more points you get. An added twist is that if you get the answer wrong, points will be deducted from your total score.

Each large picture is surrounded by various smaller hint buttons which reveal their purpose in a pop-up when tapped. As expected, a virtual Qwerty keyboard is also there to type in your answers.

Answering correctly earns 100 tokens which you can spend on helps and hints. Hints cost 200 tokens, eliminating unused letters costs 300 tokens, revealing letters is 400 tokens, and an enormous spend of 2000 tokens answers the question for you. Additionally, you can also share the question with your Facebook and Twitter friends and hope that they know the answer for free. When playing Icon Pop Quiz, it really does help if you have lots of pop culture enthusiasts as friends on the big social networking sites.

The more successful you are, the higher you will climb up the leaderboard. The app records your game statistics for each quiz. Total attempts, correct, almost, and wrong answers contribute to your total score, and the amount of time spent playing is shown too.

The icons for some categories are surprisingly difficult to guess. Being original is all well and good if there is even a slight chance that anyone can guess what each handcrafted image represents, but even when you discover the correct answer, these icons are still often not obvious. Consequently, many online communities have been established to trade answers with each other, and without them, is doubtful that a player will get anywhere in this puzzle game without feeling frustration and disappointment.

If you like extremely difficult picture puzzle challenges, Icon Pop Quiz is most certainly the app for you. Those who want something simpler and more in the realms of traditional trivia games should look elsewhere.



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