IceBreaker: Know your Partner with some questions

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How does it sound to have a good date? Well, it is really good feeling to know your love one deeply. Dating is not as easy as what some people think. To handle the things and to go in the flow of conversation there is need of continuity. But if you shy in the same then IceBreaker App can be your friend in need.

It’s a normal dating app but not engage in providing or finding the date mate.  The concept is totally different but useful. I access this app during my last date and it proves to be good for continue flow of my talks. Earlier I was not able to understand but when I access it I get to know the idea.

It’s working:

You guy’s nothing to do just install it as usual as other app and then open it. The button will appear on screen named start. You will see questions on the screen. You just need to ask the same to your partner or you can answer. In this way, you both will know each other in a deep manner.

Benefit of IceBreaking app                                               

It helps in discovering your partner in a better way. The flow of your conversation keeps on going with this app.

Top Features:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Questions are easy and understandable
  • Available in both stores i.e. Google Play Store and Apple Store
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Available in dual language i.e. English & French

Price of IceBreaker

  • It’s price of $0.99

Other more details:

  • Developers: Fabien huet
  • Category: Dating
  • Size: 23.8 MB

My own views on IceBreaker:

Well, it is a nice app and it helps me a lot in my date. Sometimes I shy in carrying my talks to the continued flow and at that time this app going to be fruitful for me. Most of the people like to have different things to date but I love to have loveable talks on the table and this app is what it actual provided me. I recommend this app for everyone who seeks for decent date.


This app is having a great app and makes my date to the good level. There is nothing better than having a good date. In my suggestion, you must use this app to make your date at a good level. You just need to carry your cell phone at the time of date and access it.

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Mukul AnandIceBreaker: Know your Partner with some questions

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