Hunger Crunch: An Iphone Game, Contrived To Fight For A Cause

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As a brain child of Rice Bowls, the Hunger Crunch is not only a tremendously fun iPhone Game but it is also part of a series of mobile games that channel the proceeds from their in game purchases to a good cause, and in particular the profits from this game are channeled to feed orphaned children. Available on the iPhone platform, the game is full of challenging levels and a string of maniacal bosses fights.

Hunger Crunch is an iPhone game that presents us with the opportunity to stop hunger and together with the legions of thieving minions, recoup all the stolen food, and also discover a series of collectibles that are usually hidden along the way during the gameplay. The main aim and focus of this game, is to trudge the hunger minions with your hunger beast. The gameplay and the controls are very simple to comprehend, and is very ideal for beginners and the much experienced players. During the gameplay, you will be expected to jump, stomp and smash minions. For jumping, you will be expected to simply tap the screen and by tapping the screen the beast will jump up then stomp once again. Furthermore you will be xpected to collect candy as you progress.


There are several in app purchases that are available to aid you with the gameplay, especially for those who might be looking forward to beating the game, at very affordable rates. The top in app purchases that are available include the Tournament pass which is available for only 2.99 dollars, 150,000 candy coins for only 4.99 dollars and if you cannot be able to purchase the whole pack of 150,000 coins, an alternative is offered for only 0.99 dollars.

In addition, you can also be able to unlock other key features in the game via the in app purchases such as the Mostacho boss fight for only 0.99 dollars, the drought boss fight for a price of 0.99 dollars and the Satchi boss fight for only o.99 US dollars. Another outstanding aspect about this game is the graphics. Apart from being a great game to play and easy to control, Hunger Crunch is also a great game to look at. The graphics are very simple and very endearing to look at. The side scroller iPhone game has been set in a vibrant and impeccably designed world that makes it great to look at.


Despite the fact that it is a winner on the merits of gameplay, Hunger Crunch is indeed a game that was specifically contrived to fight for a good cause, through the Rice Bowls organization and has continued to raise awareness about hunger throughout the globe. The organization is currently in partnership with a succession of orphanages, and for those who might looking to donate more to the cause, can do so by clicking on the apps official homepage donate button.

Unlike many iPhone games, Hunger Crunch is a free game that is ideal for both kids and grownups and will definitely keep you entertained throughout your gameplay. Always remember when you play, Hunger Crunch, you can always provide help for these awesome kids by either donating or making in app purchases.

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