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Creating a mobile app is only one small part of the app making experience if you wish to actually generate revenue from your app. Mobile app marketing is important to understand because as a developer, you want your potential clients to actually be interested in your app and not turned off by it. Attempting to develop an app without a mobile app marketing plan will often lead to disaster and a loss of time and money on your end. This is why developers must plan their strategies out ahead of time.

The first thing that you should do is find your target audience. Knowing and understanding your audience is key to figuring out the best way to market your app. For example, if your mobile app is a game, than you should research where gamers are easily reached and are most often found. This will allow you to push your app at the places it will be appreciated the most.

After your mobile app as been created, find a sample of your target audience and have them beta test your app. This allows for a review of your app to make sure that is up to par with similar apps. This also can give you an idea of how popular your app will be and how you can improve your app.

Once you believe that your app is ready to be put on the market, it is time to submit it. Depending on which market you are attempting to enter, the process may take up to a week. As an app developer, you should not get discouraged if your app doesn’t get accepted the first time. You will quickly discover that being a mobile app developer requires a lot of patience. A serious developer will try time after time to get their app on the app store because a good product or idea will often lead to rewarding results.

So your app is on the app store, now what? Now it is time to focus on App Store Optimization, or ASO for short. ASO is a broad subject, but basically it involves trying to make your app as visible as possible. There are many different techniques that app developers can use, but the most common way is by using keywords.

Keywords are words that are attributed to your mobile app and picked up by search engines like Google or Bing. These words should be related to whatever type of app yours is and it should be similar to the keywords of your competitors. It is well worth your time and money to research these keywords because without them, no one will discover your app.

Social media is another big way to get your app noticed. Millions of people use Facebook and Twitter everyday and you should too. Promote your app to family and friends first and then encourage them to share your app with their own family and friends. This method of mobile app marketing is becoming more and more popular and is responsible for many of the “viral” apps that are available.

Another way to make your app more popular is by promoting it on online news sources. Attempt to set up an interview with a writer or at least try to get an article written about your app. The more popular the website the better, but even a smaller website may attract the attention of a larger fan base.

Finally, once your game is out on the market and is successful, don’t stop marketing it. Try to use the momentum and continue to attract attention towards your app. Also don’t stop supporting your app. Customers will appreciate a developer who takes the time to listen to complaints and fixes problems.


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