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Every game has a beginning and is based on a concept that either has been done before or something original. Sometimes those games are a small mixture of both, having a new concept but similar game play based on games of the past. The new Android game of Hamad and Sahar falls into the mixture category with a new story, but an old concept. The story is about Arabian Folklore or Legends and tells many different stories for each level based on these. Where you have to find the key to make it through the level and continue on.

The graphics are fantastic with a great cartoon look and feel to them that is more modern then you would think. Using either Hamad or his sister Sahar you play through the levels with cartoon creatures and characters from the Arabian legends. This is what happens because the children decided to disobey their grandmother who warned them about going outside. The characters are all dressed just like the legends and the cartoon images play in an upfront method. The background is mild containing little detail since it scrolls along in this Android game.

Playing the game is pretty simple as you have to break the blocks to find the objects you are looking for. These include health items and of course the key to move to the next level. There are over thirty levels so far which gives plenty of room to grow since updates have already started to happen adding in new material. There is no age limit because even if it is a cartoon like game it plays similar to an old Mario style game of the past. Collect coins for a higher score and make it through the level as fast as you can. The game gets challenging as you continue but knows no age limit.


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