Habitica: Turn your life into a video game

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Habitica is the new app from the HabitRPG website that turns self-improvement and daily goals into a video game. It encourages users to stay motivated and organized by treating tasks that may feel like chores as a game instead; the app is currently in beta as the developers are looking to implement more features over time as they improve the app. Habitica is free to download however it has some in-app purchases.

Users input various habits and daily goals they wish to keep track of through the app. The user can also add goals to a to-do list and set a completion date for long-term tasks. The app has the user create a custom avatar which gains experience points when they complete the various tasks they’ve set for themselves; the user can unlock items such as armor, pets, skills and even quests by leveling up.

Leveling the avatar and gaining experience points provides gold which is used to unlock rewards for the avatar such as weapons or armor. The user can also add custom rewards such as watching a movie or an unhealthy snack; these custom rewards also use gold gained from completing tasks.

Extras for the avatar can be purchased using Gems. Gems are a separate currency that the user needs to buy as an in-app purchase; one purchase provides 21 gems with no other purchase amount options currently available. These are purely cosmetic items such as skins and backgrounds which have no real impact on the app itself.

Habitica can be used a purely solo checklist for daily activities or can be used with others; the social side of the app allows users to communicate, take on tasks together and even go on ‘quests’. Users can form a ‘Party’ to work towards the same goal together however these currently need to be created through the website. The website has more social features including ‘challenges’ which anyone can join onto, these add more daily goals and habits to the persons’ checklist; the website and the app are interlinked, so anything done on the website affects the phone app.

The mobile app for Habitica will be getting most of the features seen on the website including equipment selection, pets and a stable for mounts which are labeled as “coming soon” on the app.

The Habitica app is a way to stay on top of the important things and the smaller tasks that may become a nuisance if it is not taken care of; it works best when in conjunction with the website but it is still in beta, so this may change as the app becomes more independent. It encourages the user to start and keep positive habits by checking them off the list every day; Habitica is a nice free app that helps its users to better themselves and to do it socially with friends or with strangers online.

Adam WolfeHabitica: Turn your life into a video game

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