We are writing about App Development, App Advertising, App Store Optimization, and App Development related tutorials. We are also looking for high quality guest writers who can contribute useful, engaging, and fresh content that will help our app designers and developers.

So, if you think you have something to share and believe that it will contribute to grow our app development community, we’d like to hear from you. Let’s get together and work together.

Our Process

You’re welcome to send us your writing, but there are certain rules and guidelines that you need to follow all the time. So, we suggest you become familiar with our guidelines and rules section, below:

Guest Post Guidelines

  1. Submit Original Articles. Your articles must be original. It should never have been published anywhere else, including other websites on the Internet.
  2. We allow a maximum of 2 backlinks in your articles that points back to your website/blog.
  3. If you’re using images or any other sources that you don’t own, make sure to get a permission to use them. Always provide links to the sources.
  4. If you are writing helpful article on app development niche, make sure to include a full workable source code so that our visitors can download and use it. When you submit working code, you also give us permission to use it and create demo page.
  5. If it’s a “how to” tip or a tutorial, make sure to describe each step in detail. Also, provide images to illustrate each of those steps.
  6. All articles must be written in English, clearly, and in a friendly tone. Add value to the readers. Your articles must show concrete facts, tell the truth, and direct our readers to proper or better app development practices. We do not publish articles only focused on marketing purposes. Do not include your affiliate links, PR, or advertising copy there. We may not reply to your submissions.
  7. Respond to questions/comments your articles receives.

How to submit

Phew! Looks like you have to go through several steps to submit a guest post on our website. But it’s not. Once you get the hang of it, it won’t be a big deal anymore.

Are you ready to submit your articles? Okay, here’s how you submit.

  1. Save your article in a MS Word format, HTML, or OpenOffice Document, or even on a plain text. Include screenshots or workable source code if it’s a tutorial.
  2. Pack each file in a .zip, or .7z, or .war format and send them to us via guest post submission form
  3. Use the password welcome-guest
  4. One of our staffs will review and check your article to ensure it is unique and never published anywhere else in the Internet.
  5. We will edit your work (just to make it consistent to other posts) and submit your article.
  6. We will send you a preview link within few days after we’ve received your article.
  7. You can respond with your revisions and comments.
  8. Once you are satisfied,’ we will publish your work. If you do not respond with your feedback within 1 week, we’ll publish your article.
  9.  Finally, we’ll send you the link of your published article.

Well, thank you for reading through all these guidelines.

Have questions? Need help?

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