Grand Gin Rummy- For Card Fanatics, Love it !

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Card fanatics will love the Grand Gin Rummy iPhone app. Alongside the classic features of a gin rummy game, this app has a gorgeous aesthetic that sets it apart from the crowd.

The look and feel of the app.

Once you open this app up, the first thing that you notice is the 1920s aesthetic. Gin rummy was in its heyday in the roaring 20s, and the sepia tones, glamorous costumes and vintage hotel drawing room setting of this app recreates this world of cocktails, intrigue, and thrilling card games.

This deftly drawn sense of a historical backstory is one of the reasons why this app is different from your usual card game apps. Users are invited to check in to the Gin Rummy Hotel – and so the game begins.

Up to date features.

Of course, Grand Gin Rummy combines this vintage feel with the latest in app technology. Version 1.16 is very easy to navigate and super quick. It offers new features compared to previous versions, such as custom cards.


Users can use this app to play against the computer, or against friends. One of the great things about this app is the fact that you can choose to play a practice round against ‘the computer’ (that is, your iPhone) before taking the plunge and playing against your friends for real money.

An intuitive, clear leaderboard and the integration of avatar photographs into each player’s deck makes it very easy to see who is winning and who is losing.

Is it worth it?

Users can play Grand Gin Rummy for real money. Chip bundles are available for purchase for prices starting at just $2.99. In addition, there are various deals and offers available (some of them popping up only occasionally as promotional deals, some of them offered continuously as rewards for successful players) which provide you with free chips to play with. It is not difficult to rack up over a thousand free chips and use them to gain some real cash.

What skills are needed to play this game?

There is a time limit involved in this game: players need to select cards to pick up or discard as quickly as possible. So, the more quickly you can think and formulate a strategy, the better you will perform at the game.

What is it like to play Grand Gin Rummy?

This game is pretty addictive! The rules are simple and after a while you will begin to play somewhat intuitively, using your gut instinct to pick up and discard cards.

The visible scoreboards also make it very tempting to keep on playing to improve your score and accumulate more and more chips. The offers of free chips keep things interesting too.

In short, this is a good game to pass the time with.


Grand Gin Rummy is a more imaginative version of your regular card game app. It has a fun aesthetic and an enjoyable competitive side to it.

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editor6Grand Gin Rummy- For Card Fanatics, Love it !

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