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Google Inc’s Nest revealed it’s plan to use Thread as it’s new standard for connecting devices over a network. Chris Boross, a product manager for Nest states “Thread is a networking protocol with security and low-power features that make it more suitable for connecting household device than others, such as Wifi, NFC, Bluetooth or ZigBee” and why they are pushing others to consider it when designing products for smart houses.

Nest, a smart home thermostat, announced in June that it has plans to work with Mercedes-Benz, Whirlpool Corp, and LIFX light bulb company. The goal revolutionize the way that the smart thermostat works, by incorporating more aspects of the home, and putting the control in the hands of the smart home technology.

Lights, locks, temperature, security systems, even cars and fitness trackers, will all be integrated and gathering information to read homeowner habits and proactively alter settings for the ease of the homeowner. Nest recently bought DropCam and plans to gather information through video footage, too. The details about security and who will be privy to this information remains to be seen, but Nest assures the community that it will not be used for any other purpose (such as advertising or marketing) than development of the products, and they remain very open about the discussion.

The more companies that get on board with Thread, the more who will be able to become a part of web that Nest uses to control the home environment. So far, LIFX lights will get software updates to make them Thread compatible, and others already have plans in the work to use Thread, even though Nests new integrative system hasn’t hit the marketplace yet. Products using Zigbee could be receiving a similar kind of update to make them Thread compatible.

By standardizing the means of communication between appliances and devices, homeowners will have control over more than ever before—and homes will be intuitive and “smarter” than ever before. The home thermostat will change, when the car notifies it that the homeowner is approaching the house. Thermostats will change when the occupants Jawbone registers that they are awake. Lights will shed red light when smoke is detected, or turn on and off at intervals that mimic the patterns of an occupant while the security system is set and the homeowner is away.

Nest will soon be competing with Apple’s HomeKit, a similar smart system, but from a company notorious for exclusivity when it comes to compatibility with partners.

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