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Google fiber is the Google’s service for providing television and broadband internet in United States. In February 2014, Google announced that they plan to install the service in 34 cities of United States. First service was started in Kansas City. After that, it expanded its service to Utah, Austin, Texas, and Provo. Now Google expands its service of broadband to Portland City. The council of Portland City voted for the approval of Google’s service and the preliminary deal was signed in April 2014.

If Google decides to go with the deal, it will cost them around 300 million dollar. Google is yet to decide, according to Jenna Wandres, Google’s spokesperson, Google will provide a final update on final 34 cities later this year. According to agreement, if Google goes through with the plan, it will have to pay five percent on its video revenues as franchisee fee but it will not pay any educational, public and government access tax which city charges from other broadband service providers. Google plans to provide free internet service to individual users after initial fee of 300 dollars. Service will not be available for all part of the city.

According to the Oregonian, Google will receive support from Portland and Oregon if it finds itself facing legal allegations concerning city authority or some kind of law violation. This is some kind of moral boost for Google. However, Google is yet to get approval on the two hundred utility cabinets it will be installing as part of the service. This cabinet installation has received some criticism in Kansas City from utility pole owners.

As far as the service goes, it is hundred times faster than the basic broadband services. This system uses copper cables rather than conventional fiber optic cables. This technology does bring internet in new age but the journey of Google in bringing this service was not obstacle free. While starting service in Kansas City, it took them almost one and half year to provide high-speed connections after the city was selected in March 2011. According to former mayor of Kansas City, Joe Reardon, it was tough task to deliver this service, as it required fiber to be laid throughout the city in right way. To get these fibers into houses and neighborhoods takes energy and time. Even Google’s spokesperson, Jenna considers the project of Google Fiber in Kansas City was the biggest infrastructure project ever carried out in the city.

Considering the type of internet connections used all around the world, United states needs to go long way. Only seven percent of internet subscribers use fiber connections while other countries like Sweden has 30 percent subscriber using fiber. Japan has the highest number, which is sixty percent subscriber use fiber connections. Average internet speed today is 9 megabits per second but with Google’s service speed climbs up to amazing 1000 megabits per second. This is possible because of the fiber cables, which are thinner than hair strands capable of transmitting information at speed of light.

Other than Portland there 8 more metro cities like San Antonio, Charlotte, Atlanta, Phoenix, Nashville, Salt Lake City, San Jose and Raleigh Durham which will experience Google Fiber in near future if deals move forward.


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