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Google is making another acquisition this summer.  After striking a deal with Nest they’ve moved on to DrawElements, a Helsinki, Finland based company who focuses on product quality.  The management team of DrawElements will be moving stateside, but operations will still run out of Finland, a great opportunity for Google to stretch it’s reach just a little further

DrawElements is responsible for helping the hardware companies test the graphics chips in their phones, and could be an enormous help as Google trends towards three-dimensional graphics.  With the standards, screen sizes, and variation in what devices are offered, Google needs a way to give each the best graphics possible.  Enter DrawElements, who will be able to help standardize the graphics and help with some of the fragmentation issues.  Software developers should have an easier time developing programs for the hardware, once this standardization is implemented.

It’s not a surprise that it’s difficult to control quality and stability with the amount of devices that Google has available for Android.  The manufacturing alone is a nightmare, considering all of the elements that need to be functioning seamlessly, and be able to integrate with one another across platforms.  If all of the manufacturers can get on the same page with a plan of standardization, a lot of the error margin can be controlled.

Details about the acquisition, including numbers, haven’t been released just yet.  But this is a huge game changer for the company of young entrepreneurs.   Even though they have only been in the game since 2008, their clients are all big players in the business.  With Google behind them, this kind of standardization could become the model for other manufacturers to adopt.

While Google has yet to make an official announcement, DrawElement’s home page displays the news, and it isn’t bashful about it.

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