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Glow Hockey is one of the best entertaining games played by game lovers across the world. What are the features of this exotic game? This is a common question heard from new players. Let’s see here glow hockey – game review in detail. Following are some of the key features that make Glow Hockey superb among games. 

  • High flexibility
  • Amazing user interface
  • Neon glow display
  • Vibration after goal
  • Single/Two player mode

Easy user interface is a main feature of Glow Hockey. This exotic game can be tried even by non experts in gaming field. Are you in search of an exotic game to make your spare time interesting? If yes, feel free to play Glow Hockey online. Today, you can easily download Glow Hockey game from relevant site. This new style of hockey game is simple and easy to play. If you are in search of a colorful and interesting game, never hesitate to choose Glow Hockey.

Is it possible to win the game easily? This is another frequent question heard from people. Of course, no is the answer here. You need a little bit of experience to master the game. Challenging with computer player in game is not an easy task for many people. This can make Glow Hockey a little bit more interesting and exciting. Two player mode on the same device is another special feature of Glow Hockey. It is an apt choice for all game seekers who wish to enjoy game with their friend during spare time.

Wonderful graphics is another specialty of new Glow Hockey. As the name suggests, Glow Hockey is available with amazing glow graphics which can please the eyes of game players. Both game view and sound play equally important roles in making play interesting. Graphics of Glow Hockey is made in such a way that it presents a real feast in front of viewers eyes. Responsive is another feature that distinguishes Glow Hockey from other games. Amazing responsive feature make your play exciting and interesting till the end. 

Glow Hockey 2 Available for iPhone

At present, Glow Hockey is available with four different levels from easy to insane. Players interested to play game can make use of their specific level as per the requirement. Apart from four different levels, game also allow player to select the required pucks and paddles as per his or her requirement. As said earlier, amazing graphics is another astounding feature that distinguishes Glow Hockey from other gaming options. Vibration after goal is another highlighting feature of this exotic game. If you wish to enjoy the game play in full graphics mode, never waste time to select Glow Hockey.

High flexibility is a key feature of new glow hockey game. Players can select the needed paddle and puck so as to make their game smooth and responsive. Glow Hockey app developed by Natenai Ariyatrakool needs a minimum Android 1.6 Operating System for its performance. You need only less than two minutes time to download 9.7 MB app from store. When searched, you can easily find the apps of Glow Hockey from online sites for just $ 0.99. You can download this app to all Android devices for mips, armeabi, x86 and armeabi-v7a. Championship mode in game is found to be very useful to compete with computer. With neon glow and interesting features, Glow Hockey stands as an outstanding play for all game lovers.



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Graphics / UI Interface
Game Play / Levels / Difficulty
Addictive Nature / Replay value
Music / Sound / Other Interactive Elements

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