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For any investor, getting firsthand business information is a crucial factor in boosting the performance of the stock. Besides, being equipped with knowledge about compliance required in the investment environment will enable one to perfectly undertake different investments as per the set rules. Interestingly, this has been made much easier by the recent introduction of an amazing app that will help investors out. CCO Compliance which was updated to a newer 1.1 version is a great product from Digital Compliance, LLC. The app is currently available in English language that is widely understood by many customers.


This top rated CCO Compliance app has been designed to perfectly work in iPad devices. In relation to the operating system, it is well compatible with iOS 8.1 or any latest version present in the market.

How CCO Compliance Operates

This incredible app has been designed to assist investors and different advisors with resources and relevant information that they might require in relation to the rules and regulation governing investment activities. It actually keeps them updated with current emerging trends through providing them with different compliance tools and obligations needed. This makes it easy to make informed decisions that give them competitive advantage in the stock market.

Features in CCO Compliance

One will discover that this amazing app has incorporated unique features that make it worth downloading. They include:

  1. Professional compliance tools

Apparently, this well designed app will be essential to the user as it comes along with different material components to facilitate proper understanding of different compliances. They comprise of risk assessments, model documents, compliance testing assessments, compliance training material (on monthly basis) and even different compliance checklists. Interestingly, it also allows importation of different compliances and documents that meets a firm’s regulation.

  1. Updated News and Notifications

Latest news is known to keep one up to date. This app has taken into account the aspect of providing its investment advisers with trending compliance information which gives them a leading position in the investment market. Actually, this is done through direct feeds that are issued by SEC and other known compliance bodies.

  1. Great Library for reference

This app has created a huge library that contains an entire collection of different compliance materials that users can always refer. To make it more efficient, this app ensures that materials contained in the Reference Library undergo proper scrutiny from compliance experts. Besides, the systematic arrangement of essential sources through Advice Act Rule, Resource Type and Compliance Topic facilitate easy retrieval of information.

Are there merits that are associated with the CCO Compliance app? Here are some of them:

  • Relevant information

Users are equipped with information that has been examined by professional and concluded to be worth it.

  • Easy understanding

This app has been designed and organized in a way that it is simple to use and understand different compliances (with 15 common ones). Wide information from Compliance Risk alerts, No-Action letters, SEC Releases, Speeches and Enforcement Actions are all simplified for easy understanding.

  • Facilitates importation

One can actually apply the customized feature in this app and import different compliance guidelines from it.

  • Great satisfaction

With the entire set of compliance materials involving risk identification, checklists, training materials and potential risks associated with compliance, one will always get the best from this app.

  • Amazing tool for exam preparations

Actually, this app has input different examination types like presence, general and sweeps together with SEC documents to help learners acquire relevant materials for revision.

Some Pros associated with CCO Compliance include:

  • Infrequent in performance after some time
  • Difficult understanding for those who lack investment knowledge

This amazing app is free for download with a size of 67.1. Once downloaded, it comes along with RSS feeds, 100 unlocked documents (based on Marketing and Advertising compliances), checklists, five white papers and training materials. Besides, this app will allow one to undertake different keyword searches, perform bookmarking, and email, print or save documents.

Premium Subscription

Interesting, this subscription comes with more superior upgrades and benefits. A 12-month subscription will cost $499 whereas a 6-month subscription will go for $299. New upgrades enjoyed include over 10 checklists, 12 compliance training newsletters, Compliance testing plan, 2 Risk assessment templates, and Disaster Recovery documents. Once the subscription period elapses, this app will facilitate auto renewal into another package. New features such as New Reference Library Updates, User Guide Updates and Global Search Improvements have been incorporated.


CCO Compliance app has met specifications that not only make it a top rated app but also a great relief to its users. It is an app worth purchasing. Get informed now!

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