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Galaxy Control is an ultimate space combat strategy game with next generation 3D graphics. It is all about ruling the galaxy and being on the top of the world.
Galaxy control is a simple game, but that’s more of a strength than weakness. It does not employ any of the tired energy limitations, which makes it more playable. But the system has an same effect as of an energy bar as you move ahead in your game, as it will ask for more minerals and uranium to upgrade your army troops and defenses. Minerals are obtained from mineral extractor which are used to upgrade defenses, and uranium is obtained from uranium reactor, which is used to upgrade your factory, troops and spaceport. Further in the game, upgrading command center will introduce new defenses, army troops, and ore, which will be another resource added to the game, and it will be obtained from ore extractor.


Galaxy Control has all in all 10 amazing troops, which are produced from uranium. These troops are mainly of two types i.e. air troops and ground troops and can be upgraded from the laboratory. These troops have different capabilities as they differ from each other. As you upgrade your factory, stronger troops will get unlocked.
The structure and performance of the defenses has been eye catching. In total, there are 8 defenses with specific abilities. Along with these defenses, there are 6 types of explosives. This makes any defense harder to defeat, and as a result it makes the game a bit more tougher than other strategic games.

As does most of the strategic games have, Galaxy Control also have heroes with special abilities. These heroes namely kratos which has defensive special ability, and atlas, another hero, have a special ability named berserk. This makes them a must have in any base in Galaxy Control.

Galaxy Control also have a squad system, where you and your friends can come together to form a squad and fight other squads around the world. Here your squad will be competing other squads, and the top squad will be rewarded with diamonds.

Apart from the squad system, Galaxy Control also have missions in them, on the completion of which you will be getting rewards. Rewards like minerals, and uranium.
Galaxy control is thus almost the same as other strategic games, but with different scenario and graphics. Everything has been given a different structure and different name to it. This will make things tougher for a player who has been playing strategic games.

Galaxy Control does have good 3D graphics, which are impressive, and credit for the same must be given to the developer, but at the same time things are extremely complex to handle. It’s color, and music graphics are at par.
You can play Galaxy Control for its 3D graphics, and missions. It is a playable game if you are bored with all the recent strategic games having almost the same themes.

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