Flyp : Convenient App to Our Multi Faceted Life

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Introduction-App Description

Flyp is an an application that enables you to have myriad phone numbers for your respective area of your multifaceted life be it work, friends or family.

This application allows you to have extra Phone numbers aside from the one you already posses, and are legitimate phone numbers that are capable of the rudimentary and conventional phone number abilities like texting and calling.


It is the zenith of the combined efforts of Flyp App Ceo and CoFounder, Peter Rinfret and his squad. Their main goal is to provide the customer with the most seamless and efficient app capabilities possible. For instance they gather and evaluate constant feedback from app users and post coherent updates that help mitigate any encountered bugs.

Whilst the app might require a subscription fee for each additional number, the phone numbers are real and allow you to handle all the areas of life situations with ease. It is a worthwhile and credible app for any Smartphone user.



Admittedly, the 21st century technologically savvy Human has a multifaceted life that requires them to fulfill certain roles at different times of their lives. Most people either own a Face book, LinkedIn, Twitter, Whatsapp, or Instagram to address the different parts of their social lives.

The most unique feature of Flyp app is that it allows you to Quick Reply. When you can’t take a particular call, you can easily reply this number with the added benefit of pre-personalized template voice messages e.g for each flyp number. Furthermore the application organizes all your texts, voicemails and calls are all organizes into one coherent feed thus eliminating the bureaucracy of swiping and tapping between apps to access your phone data.

Other key features include:

  • Easy acquisition of extra phone numbers.
  • A designated number for any part of your life.
  • Choose an area code for your designated number
  • Personalize your Voice Message.
  • Easily integrate our phone contacts.
  • Activate the do not disturb for any of your lines.
  • Easily available at the Google Play store and the Apple App Play store.


Compatibility and stipulations

The app is compatible with iOs 8.0 or later. it has been specially customized for iphone 5,iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 plus. In addition the app is also available in android O.S platform. If you have any queries or concerns, you can contact the flyp app team at their domain

The flyp phone numbers are only permanent as long as you appropriately renew your subscription.

The first line is free, but if you want to continue accessing the features of this app, you are required to pay either a monthly or yearly subscription. The monthly subscription costs $2.99 and the yearly subscription costs $29.99 which will be charged to your iTunes account upon purchasing. However beware that the subscription is set to automatically renew 24hrs before your current one terminates. You have the option of turning the auto renewal off if you don’t need auto subscription.


The Flyp app is definitely a worthwhile app for any Smartphone user. Its reasonable price and ease of download make it a convenient solution to our multi faceted life.

You can check their official website.

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