Fluttabyes : Simple and Easy to Play

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Fluttabyes is a relatively new game released on December 2014 and developed by red chain games ltd. The game is compatible with all iOS devices and is available on the iTunes app store at $1.69. The bright, cheerful, Match 3 game is easy to pick up and play and very addictive.flu1

How to play the Fluttabyes game .

The game is played by just allowing butterflies away by just matching 4 or more butterflies of the same colour. The scores you earn are determined by how fast you can create matches. If you manage to match more than six butterflies, you will earn a reward known as the ladybird. If you are skilled and lucky enough to match more than nine butterflies, you will earn a magical rainbow butterfly for your self.

The fluttabyes game can be played in three different modes of play. The survival mode, the endless mode, the solitaire mode, the rush mode and the drop mode. Each mode has different gameplay.


1. The Survival mode-In the survival mode, you race against a dandelion clock and earn points directly proportional to the number of butterflies you free.

2. Endless-In this game mode, there is no time limit. You just enjoy the game at your own pace. Its a perfect way of sharpening your skills.

3.Solitaire-The solitaire mode of play allows you to free as many butterflies as fast as you can.

4. Drop-The drop mode tests you survival skills. You have to ensure that you survive as long as you can while the butterflies drop down at an ever increasing rate.

5. Rush-In the rush mode, you have exactly one minute to earn the highest high score you can.


Features of the game.

– Different modes- The game has different modes so you can never run out of playing options.

-Leaders and achievements board-The game as a leaders and achievement board that allows you to display your gaming achievements for the world to see. You can also compare your skill levels with other gamers.

-Easy to play-The game is very easy to play. You just have to release butterflies by just matching three colours. This simple game is very interesting and at some level addictive.

-Great graphics-The game is very colourful with great graphics. This makes it very attractive and appealing to the eye.

System requirements.

The Fluttabyes game is compatible with all iOS devices. You can buy it at the iTunes app store and start enjoying the exciting world of Fluttabyes.

The game is simple and easy to play and at the same time very interesting and addictive. It is a good way to spend your free time. The app is also good for children as it helps them develop their colour perception and also learn strategising. Since it was released on the late 2014, the app is compatible with all iOS devices. This means that you can play it from your iPad, iPhone or even iPad touch. The amount that you are required to pay for you to download the game is trivial compared to the fun the game presents.

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