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Though there are so many apps introduced in the market daily, but only a few touches the hearts of the people. One of them is Flaap.io, which is similar to the game Flappy Bird, a very popular game in the year 2013, developed by Dong Nguyen. Now, Flaap.io is a game having similar things to Flappy Bird but, there are so many new things also introduced in the game. due to the advancement in the technology.

This game has attracted a lot of users around the world since its first launch because of its easy and simple gameplay. Flaap.io has been developed by Flaap.io and it requires the latest version of your Android Operating System running on your device. In the Flappy Bird game, the main objective of the game was that a player controls a bird, attempting to fly between columns of green pipes without hitting them.

On this Flaap.io game, mainly your task is to drive the bird flying through the pipes without touching them. To begin with Flaap.io, you can take to the skies and control the bird and prevent him from crashing. Flaap.io.is a fun and addictive browser game which is simple and you can’t stop yourself from playing it again and again. You can change the bird according to your choice. Each bird has its own flying speed and different role. So, you’ll be crazy and more difficult to control afterwards.

The controls of the game are simple. You have to keep your bird flying through the pipes by clicking your mouse and stop them from smashing into the obstacles or ground. You have to simply click left to flap the bird. As you pass through the levels and different obstacles, your bird will transform into different characters for a little more fun and excitement.

The graphics of the game are brilliant and the background sounds are so amazing. You can play online with many other players around the world and allow to create a room to challenge friends.

Overall, Flaap.io is made for fun and entertainment purposes. So don’t get angry while playing this game. Enjoy this game and show your abilities. You can share the bird level as well as share your scores all around the world with your friends and others. You’ll not get bored with this addictive gameplay and enjoy being in the game.

The game becomes more interesting and adds more fun to the overall gameplay when you compete against your friends and see who is the best flapper.

So how many pipes will you pass through and how far you can go by keeping the bird in the sky? Let’s see in this amazing gameplay.

Have fun and enjoy flapping the bird!

The app is available for free on the App Store. Get it now!

Pros: super-addictive gameplay; full of fun and entertainment; easy and simple controls; flap the bird; fantastic graphics; great sound effects; challenge your friends; share the high scores; free to use. 

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App

Some information about the game: http://flaap.io/about/

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