FindYou Photo: Share Your Photo Roll with the World

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How many people are there on your smartphone photo roll who you’ve never met before in your life? Ten? Fifty? One hundred? Do it, look through your phone right now; I bet within the last twenty pictures alone, you’ll find at least one person whom you don’t know from Adam. Now imagine all the millions of photos taken each month with smartphones across the world. Imagine all the stray subjects who make it in to these shots, be it by happy accident, poor framing or a good old fashioned photobomb. Chances are you yourself are in multiple camera rolls all over the world. As unwitting models, wouldn’t it be great if we could all be reunited with our respective elusive shots? Well, with FindYou Photo, out now on iOS, you might be able to do just that.

FindYou Photo aims to usher in a new era of photo-sharing; forget Instagram and Snapchat, they’re outdated and their tagging methods are underwhelming. The idea behind FindYou Photo is that it doesn’t depend on tagging at all; instead, users search for photos using three key search parameters; time, date and place. The app will then display all the results from all the cameras who were in that place, on that day, at that time. Sounds smart, right? Well, if it’s utilised by a lot of people, it could be the next big revolution in photo-sharing.

If you’ve recently been on holiday and want to check out if you crop up in anyone else’s snaps, you can search your destination on the date you were there, and instantly get a different perspective on the same memory (while also bagging some choice snaps to download and keep as mementos). If you happen to be attending a big party or event, like a wedding or birthday, you can check out all the photos from the occasion in one place, without having to sort through numerous feeds and albums.

FindYou Photo is an ambitious idea that’s thinking big scale, with long term implementation prospects. It’s aiming for a high throne; the likes of Instagram and Snapchat won’t easily be shaken, even if the platform happens to be superior than them. However, good ideas always seem to win out in the end, and FindYou Photo deserves to have its shot at glory. Get ticking off the strangers on your photo roll and download FindYou Photo from the App Store today!

Mukul AnandFindYou Photo: Share Your Photo Roll with the World

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