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File Expert with clouds is a fully-featured Android cloud-manager app designed to help the user store files, photos, videos and documents; it even provides extended cloud storage. It includes a number of attractive features, such as automatic organization of file sites, a Web browser, a cache cleaner an FTP client and much more.


The visual aspect of File Expert is an appealing one. Files in the same group, such as pictures, videos and documents, are grouped together for the convenience of the user.

User interface

The typical file management features, such as cut, copy and paste, are present in File Expert, and likewise, you can also move, share and view the details on your files. Tab navigation is used for each component, enabling the user to jump easily from one feature to another. However, after making multiple taps, the user can easily get lost, and things become cumbersome. To prevent this kind of thing from happening, File Expert allows the user to tap the “My Files” icon, which immediately organizes everything that he or she has saved — videos, music, e-books, documents, zipped files, apps, APK files and favorites.

The My Tools tab has a few additional plugins, including the safe box, which allows the user to protect images and videos with a password. There is a recycle bin just like that on a PC, and the user can share files via FTP, wifi or Bluetooth. Other features include:

  • a one-touch cleaner
  • a memory manager
  • a file shredder — This does not remove files completely, contrary to what has been advertised. For that purpose, you should use the normal delete function.
  • a Web PC Suite tool — allows the user to manage files from his Android device or the Web

Several cloud storage integration’s are also present, so you can access the developer’s own G cloud and gain one gigabyte of storage.

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User experience

The user should have a pleasant experience with File Expert, which is one of the most user-friendly file management apps in existence.



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