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I have just installed the new Fifa 14 from the app store. Just like its predecessors this game does not disappoint. EA sports have a history of producing the best sports games in the planet on a variety of consoles. The introduction of FIFA 14 has just brought gaming to a whole new level in the android gaming platform. This is a game for all football lovers out there who are bored with poor graphics on many games on their androids.

FIFA 14 is a sports game developed by EA Sports with the latest player transfers and ability modifications. Every year different player develop different aspects of their game, some get better as they approach their prime age while others get worse as they move past their prime ages. With FIFA 14 the graphics have greatly improved from the previous versions and you can actually make out faces of the players in the game. With this game you actually feel like you are controlling that specific player.


FIFA 14 makes it easy for you to move and control the players. In previous version depending on the size of your android moving and controlling the players was so much more difficulty that it is now. With such controls made easier the target users has greatly increased. FIFA for android was very difficult to control but now with the new controls a wide range of people can now handle and enjoy the game more.

There are many new tournaments in this game that will keep you glued to it all the time. With an updated world cup squad of all teams, you can therefore play world cup matches of the weeks as well. Who doesn’t love the world cup? Even non football fans love the world cup making this game one of the most enjoyable game created in a long time.

But it is not all new. The features that have become signature features in FIFA14 are still maintained Features like manager mode is still there. This is one of my favorite features. I get to control a team and bargain on player transfers just like the real football managers. With the board setting you targets and the players having a certain level of morale, the manager mode should excite a majority of us. If that does not excite you, do not worry there so many other game modes and am sure you will get one that suits you.

FIFA 14 also comes with its own set of new sound tracks. They always seem to pick songs that just excite the gamer even before the actual game begins. With a large variety of theme songs you are sure of enjoying the game in more ways than one.

With ready update online to update player attributes and squad formations, FIFA 14 will keep you updated on all matters football every time you play it. The updates also make you feel like you are playing with the player’s best attributes. As we all know a lot can change in a few month of football.

In my opinion FIFA 14 has to be the best football game in androids today. I suggest all game lovers to try it and join in the fun.



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