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There are a wide variety of apps available online, but most devices can hold only a few. One app that is worth downloading is the Face Changer by Scoompa. It’s a fun way to change any face on any image. There are options to place hats, glasses, facial hair, mouths, eyes, hair, scars and jewelry piercings on any face. It can be a good app to have fun with while hanging out and waiting for your clothes to dry, and you can also save and share your creations, which can be even more fun.

One nice feature is the celebrity search. I can pull up the search and type in any celebrity name. The app will bring a gallery of pictures that I can choose from. I searched for Denzel Washington and found a good picture of him at some sort of award ceremony, dressed sharp and flashing his famous smile. I selected that picture, and put a red baseball cap on him. I could adjust the size and angle of the hat by dragging the image at different points. I then put glasses and a mouth with a cigar, which looked absolutely ridiculous. I saved it, and now I have a picture of Denzel with a funny hat, glasses and a big cigar to share.

There are tools to make other facial changes, such as text and marker, but my favorite is the drag tool. By selecting the hand icon, I can drag on the face and make a long chin, a protruding nose, or messy hair. I can drag any part of the picture to change a beautiful face to look like a deranged peasant with a lazy eye.

I could download an image to my Facebook page and my Twitter feed, and there are other save and share options, such as email, Allshare, Picasa, and sending to another Bluetooth device. A fun game I have read about is to send a celebrity picture with glasses, crooked teeth and funny hair to friends and they have to guess the celebrity. Another fun thing to do is to find friends’ pictures, dress them up with Face Changer, and send them back, which will definitely get a reaction.

I love the Face Changer app and I think it is good for hours of fun. I think some or the more perfectionist types of users may dislike this app because it does not produce realistic looking face changes. Does it look like Denzel was actually wearing a hat, glasses, and smoking a cigar when the picture was taken? No, it doesn’t. But does it look funny? Oh yeah, it looks funny. Could someone guess who the celebrity is after changing their faces with this app? Maybe, but I challenge them to try.


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Earnest RajFace Changer – Review

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