Experience Awesome Adventurous with the Fun Game of Drone Lander

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If you are looking for an extremely adventurous ad fun game with superb graphics, then the Drone Lander is perfect for you. The Drone Lander is developed by Sysreb and it aims at the player having the challenge to land a drone. Simple you think? Yes, the game is simple enough to understand but it is packed with challenging and varied obstacles that make it unique as an adventure game. So, live up your fantasy of being the pilot of a drone and charge in with all your might to land your drone safely and accurately. The further review will provide the detailed insight of what you will get from Drone Lander.

About Drone Lander

The Drone Lander is an adventurous and fun game that you can download from all devices and the latest version of 1.4. It was developed by Sysreb and it promises to provide a great user experience with high quality graphics and sounds. You get to choose your drone and land it to the landing point as you tackle the obstacles in the middle. The better you do the more achievements you get. If that’s not going to satisfy you, then there are 45 different levels with 3 difficulty levels for each to quench the thirst of your adventures gaming.

How to Play

Understanding the game play is pretty easy and far from being complicated. Basically you just have to choose your drone and your goal will be to fly it to the landing point. Now, you need to find the right balance of RPM- Rotation per Minute to make sure the drone is stable. If your drone is falling too fast then increase the RPM. The more accurately you land your drone on the landing point, the more bonuses you enjoy like achievements and gold. You need to watch out for the obstacles that are there to hinder your mission. In order to fly, remember to be fully packed with batteries. You can get batteries either by waiting for 10 minutes or instantly by watching a video. And each battery takes up one flight.

Updates and features

· Adventurous- The Drone Lander is extremely adventurous and fun with lots of elements of surprise.

· Addictive- There are various obstacles, drones, difficult levels, maps and special features that will surely keep you hooked up to it for a long time.

· Versatile- Drone Lander is extremely versatile. It has over 45 levels with three difficult levels to choose from for each. There are 3 unique maps where you can play and 7 different drones.

· Unique features- Each drone has their unique control features of speed, altitude, handles, acceleration and flying technique.

· Graphics- Drone Lander uses the best graphics that are totally advanced.


· Free- It is absolutely free for anyone to play.

· Refreshing- Drone Lander provides a refreshing and unique game play from other adventurous games.

· Great Update- The updates are frequently made to give a great gaming experience.

· Great user experience- With highly advanced graphics and great sound system, you will have a smooth experience.

· Compatible- Drone Lander works on all OS and devices.

The Cons

While Drone Lander does not have any cons to speak of, if you were still looking for some of the features that some users wished to be changed then these are the following ones.

· Addicting- Some of the users complained against the addictive feature of this game.

· Limited Languages- Users wished for more language options.

· Limited features- Some users complained about the number of stairs that they get to be limited.

To Conclude

So, get your gaming mode on to take up enemies as you fly your drone. Go on and download Drone Lander now! Enjoy awesome gaming experience and rate and review to let the developer know how you liked this game.

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editor6Experience Awesome Adventurous with the Fun Game of Drone Lander

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