Ensure the safety of your Mac devices with Track My Mac

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As the old adage goes, it is better to be safe than sorry is especially relevant in today’s fast paced and unpredictable world. Imagine misplacing your Apple Mac or even worse picture a scenario in which your Macbook gets stolen. If you are not prepared for such a situation, then you are probably missing out on some effective anti theft technology. Track My Mac is a free to download app available on the iTunes store for your iPhone. Basically, it is an easy way to track and find your Mac in case it gets stolen or if you lose it. Even if your first instinct might be to seek police assistance in such situations, having this app on your iPhone will allow you to contact the police with useful information and evidence regarding the location and identity of the absconding thief which can greatly enhance the chances of you getting your device back. This is an in depth review describing the interface and features of the app for all discerning Mac owners.

Anti Theft Feature

As the name suggests, you just have to report your Mac as stolen on your iPhone and you can instantly track the current location of your device. However, you should make sure that the Location Tracking services on your Mac are enabled for this feature to work. As soon as the stolen Mac is connected to the internet, you will receive a detailed Anti Theft Location Report detailing the location details of the thief. You will also get Evidence based reports which will provide you an iSight photo of the thief along with the device’s current location.

Remote Screen Locker

This is quite a handy tool as it allows you to safely lock and unlock the screen on your Mac remotely. This ensures that the user’s private data such as pictures and videos remain safe from the absconder.

Spy Lock

This feature will send you a snapshot of the person who illegally tries to enter false credentials on your Mac’s locked screen.

Location Tracker
This feature as explained above allows you to see your Mac’s current location even if you’ve misplaced it unknowingly. Another great advantage is that you can track unlimited number of Mac’s using this app. So, essentially all your family’s and friend’s Mac’s can be traced with a single app on your iPhone.


As far as the compatibility of the app is concerned the Mac and your iPhone should meet the minimum operating system requirements for it to work. The Mac should have OS X 10.6 or later and the iPhone should be running on iOS 8 or any newer versions.

User Interface

The user interface is slick and easy to understand for the first time user. The minimalist yet informative design does not over cramp the app’s interface.


Connecting the Mac with your iPhone

The application Mackeeper needs to be installed on the Mac which has the built in Anti theft tool. You need to authenticate the Anti theft tool by logging in your Track My Mac login id and password. The process itself is quite simple and intuitive to follow.
Conclusion with Pros and Cons

Overall, the app is built to perfection as far as the basic function is concerned. With functions such as Remote Screen Lock, Location Tracker and easy installation across all platforms, there are a lot of advantages to using this app as your safety net. Having said that, the fact that a smart thief can also disable the Location Tracking services on your Mac or not use Internet at all to avoid getting caught. Nevertheless, that should not deter you from increasing the chances of recovery of your stolen Mac by installing Track My Mac.

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editor6Ensure the safety of your Mac devices with Track My Mac

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