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The rapid penetration of mobile devices has rapidly changed the way of life today. Realizing this, app developers are moving swiftly into developing apps that can operate on these devices. This has seen mobile apps generate greater interest among Smartphone and other mobile users. But building apps is a business and not just a hobby, because you need to earn money to keep developing new apps. No matter how amazing your app is, without the proper mobile app marketing, no one will get to know about it or download it, and this means failure. It seems like there is an App for almost everything you ever needed and for everything you did not. But remember, an app is only as good as the people using it and people will not find it themselves.

One of the best strategies in mobile app marketing is getting the app found by search engines. Nowadays many users are interested in different kinds of apps which they can get over their iPhone, iPad, Android phones etc. We have hundreds of thousands of iOS applications, and the real challenge for developers is how to have their apps rank higher than the hundreds competitor apps in search results. This explains why App Store Optimization (ASO) is important to mobile application marketing. It is represents a form of SEO used by developers to generate leads or extra downloads in app stores.From finding the most appropriate keywords, ranking highly for those keywords, and converting visitors into users. You need to implement White Hat ASO techniques very well to bring you worthwhile search engine results for a sustained period of time.

You can develop a social community that will eventually get engaged to use your app. Using social media like twitter and Facebook to develop that community is an awesome tactic, and you must act wise and optimize your mobile app’s presence on as many social networks as possible.

As a mobile app marketing strategy, you can also promote the app by building a quality website where you can attract reporters, bloggers, and prospective users. Because many users now access the web on their mobile devices, the website must be optimized mobile devices. You can use the website to advertise the features and functions of your app to visitors. A blog section in the website where information about the app development process can be shared will be great.

You can be sure that a good number of your app users will not come back. So you need to impress and retain them by creating an interaction platform through push notifications. You can use these notifications to offer them discounts or allowing them to download the updated version of the app for free.

Many users read online reviews and user comments before downloading a mobile app. Having your mobile app reviewed will go a long way in enhancing the outreach of your app before its launch. This can be done by approaching the many websites that offer customer reviews regularly and convince them to get your app for their websites. It is also advisable to allow many users to download the app for free and post their experience to improve the credibility of your application.

It is also important for a business to stay tuned to the latest trends in mobile app marketing. Due to the frequent changes in technology and user demand, the marketing strategy must consider the current and upcoming trends to make the mobile app popular within a very short span of time. And that’s when you would need to hire mobile app programmers who are certified and bench marked by the industry. If you’ve created a mobile app, then you should be using mobile app analytics. Analytics shows who is using your app and how they’re using it. It also gives detailed data about your mobile app’s performance.

Lastly, consider using a public relations firm to market your app because PR firms generate earned media coverage for their clients full-time. They know the ins and outs of pitching stories, writing and distributing news releases, scheduling speaking engagements and developing contact lists and relationships with the media. Most PR professionals have cultivated relationships with media contacts for years and they stay in regular and constant contact with the media, which increases the chance for media placement in higher-profile places than you will likely be able to achieve on your own. A professional PR firm will manage your mobile app marketing campaign properly, from SEO, social media and also manage your online reputation. This could just be the difference between your company’s survival and total catastrophe.

If you have developed an app and are pondering over why people are not buying it, the answer lies in mobile app marketing. In an increasingly competitive market space getting your mobile app noticed above the rest and ensuring it remains relevant to your potential audience should be your top priority.It certainly doesn’t hurt to be unique, but whether you have few or many competitors, your goal shall be to be the most seen, since the most seen is the most talked about and soon enough you will enjoy a flood of downloads.


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