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Eat me is an epic fun game available in the android apps. It creates a great experience for those looking out for fun when using their smartphones or tablets. Explore the underwater world game where you mingle with fish different colors while working your way to grow your own fish. Eat me is among the easiest games to play and does not discriminate age or race.

Eat me is a game designed to fit all age groups. Eat me up has a setup which is easy and engaging that caters for needs of everyone across the board. Children, parents and even the grandmothers can play it. This makes it a top game to look out for as it is considered to create great family bonds as family can play it.

This application is top notch in regards to quality. It does not occupy too much space in your mobile phone or tablet hence will not eat up the memory. It can be downloaded free of charge making it more interesting as many people can be able to access it. Eat me is a look out for app as it matches most of peoples interests, as it is awesome. It has outstanding graphics, which makes you stay glued to the screen. It also creates more interest since it is mind engaging making it more of a brain tease game.

Eat me involves feeding your goldfish with the small fish and avoiding the big fish. The essence of feeding your fish is to make it get on top of the food chain. It is easy and possible as it has different fish hence killing boredom. This mind blowing game is a matter of chance, eat or be eaten. It requires you to come with all your hunger pangs, run, strike, eat, and be the biggest fish in the food chain. It is an attack game, which makes it awesome as you yearn for a win. The eat me app is great as it gives you a chance to choose from two game controls, a game-pad, or tap to help you in the underwater adventure.

Eat me gives you an effect of wanting to be a winner and this moves to your every aspect in your life hand-lings. You can share your scores with your social group or the other players’ and work harder to have the most points. This makes you play better in all your experiences. It has five winsome and treacherous fish to choose from, with a very attractively structured ocean. It gets more thrilling as you encounter life underwater getting to see the ship and other water world features and creatures.


Do not be selfish and never miss the fun from the captivating underwater adventure. Invite all your friends and family and gear up for this eat me experience. All your friends’ smartphones and tablets should be busy downloading the Eat me Up android up! It is free of charge! Eat me or I eat you lets gets down playing.

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