Du Speed booster : Manage Battery Consumption and Speed

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Battery consumption and speed are the main concern when buying a smartphone. No one wants lag. However, a powerful engine in a phone isn’t always going to determine whether or not your device runs at maximum efficiency. In fact, most apps have abnormally high CPU and memory usage. If you multiply that by the total number of applications you have in the phone you will get a mess of performance bottle neck. DU Speed Booster has been design to clean all that up.

It is loaded with several features that are clearly marked in its home page. As the name suggest, Du Speed booster improves your smart phone performance. It does this by clearing out apps that have no any business of operating in the background, thus freeing up more memory for more essential applications to use. Apart from cleaning up apps, you can set which applications to automatically terminate – that is, prevent from auto-starting, and which ones to save from being killed.

DU Trash Cleaner gets rid of residue files that may be squatting in your phone, ranging from huge unused files, to left over APKs from previously installed apps. These are some of the things that file manager don’t completely clean up.

DU Application Manager can help you easily uninstall applications, both the ones that came with your operating system and the ones that you have installed, as well move them to a SD card.

Another feature that set this app apart is its security feature, which comprises privacy manage and an antivirus utility. It can be amazing to see a security feature in a speed booster; however several resource hogging process and applications come from malware. DU takes care of that with its antivirus scanner.

The fifth core feature of DU is Game Booster. It releases resources and memory to create room for the game you are playing, and also automatically scans your phone to highlight the games that have been installed. It also allows you to create a folder on your screen for quick access to your favorite games.

The Easter-Egg feature in the application menu provides you a complete run-down of your device’ hardware, from memory to hardware sensors. In addition, it provides quick access to the phone-boosting functions through conventional screen widget that also has swift toggles for WiFi and a floating sphere that can be set to be visible, and which allows you to jump directly into Speed Booster.

DU speed booster also provides you with a single-touch optimize widget/ feature. If you are feed up with your smartphone running too slow, you can increase the speed by 60 percent. It is one click optimization, your just need go to the dashboard of the application and click on the circle that says Boost Needed. When you click on it, it will boost your smartphone’s performance instantly.

Nowadays, it is no longer enough to just buy a powerful smart phone; it is also advisable to be mindful of the application that may be utilizing resources excessively. In a perfect world, we would not have to think about such things, we would leave to the aneroid OS to keep rowdy applications in check. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world; therefore, apps like DU Speed Booster are very handy. The control that it offers such as app permissions, battery server, antivirus scanner, un-installations, cache and trash cleaner are sufficient reasons to download and use this app.

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