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DU Battery Saver is a free battery saving app which makes your battery power last for longer and can also help you get up to 50% more battery life for your Android phone. The app has smart pre-set battery power management modes, healthy battery charger stage features and one-touch controls which can extend your battery life and solve battery problems. Phones usually have a lot of technologies inside them, some being hardware such as display, cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth networking chips and sensors and some being software processes such as Account Sync which gets updates from your email system. These features usually consume or use a lot of power even though they are not always needed or they do not need to be used often as they are.

This app, DU Battery Saver, manages these features in a proactive and efficient way so that you are only using the power you really need. The app provides the easiest and simplest way to keep your Android phone working efficiently when you need it and also protect against battery draining apps, poor charging and overlooked device settings which shorten your battery life. App is free to use but you can have the PRO version which costs $2.99 which has extended or more features and both can be found in the Google Play Store. Over 400 million users around the world love DU Battery Saver.

Features and Benefits

  • Phone Cooler – This feature which cools down device works well by systematically managing, monitoring and disabling the CPU-intensive apps so as to reduce device temperature to a safer level and protect your hardware too.
  • One-Click Optimization – Feature instantly finds and fixes battery power use or consumption problems and unlocks detailed settings which fine-tune your energy savings. This is enabled by the DU Aurora engine which finds running applications and kills them so as to improve battery life
  • Anytime Optimization – Manages and monitors background apps and device hardware easily using the smart home screen widget. Switch widget are useful in instances or situations when you need to manage connectivity features like Bluetooth and Mobile Data from phone’s home screen.
  • Accurate Status or Charge Monitor – Enables you to see exactly how much battery charge is left with an in-depth and detailed analysis of your favourite Android apps and hardware.
  • Smart Pre-set Modes – You can choose or customize a mode which fits your energy consumption or usage.
  • Better Battery Details – Lets you view your device’s battery power level by percentage left or by time remaining.
  • Healthy Charge Stage Manager – Keeps track and implement efficient and healthy charging practices in various stages to keep your battery working at its optimal.
  • Notification Saving – The notification saving feature of this app simply fixes spam notifications on your notification bar which steal your battery life.

Final Verdict Considering all these features, DU Battery Saver app is a great solution. The app lets you manage different battery aspects in an easy way or manner. This boosts your phone’s battery life without taking any control of your device. Therefore this is a must have app for your Android phone.

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