Dr Panda Candy Factory Review : The Candy building game for children

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Children are also fans of mobile devices such as tablets and when supervised it can be an excellent form of entertainment; there are many games on Android and iOS devices which are aimed at children. Dr Panda Candy Factory is one of these games however parents will need to buy the game first, once they do there’s plenty of hours of entertainment for a child from this one app.

Dr Panda Candy Factory is a game where the player creates candy and can design it however they like. Players can mix the ingredients, stamp and also decorate their newly made treats to feed to some cute animal characters with a taste for sugar. The game is pretty simple with no complex ideas which make this game perfect for children; combine this with the cute characters, bright colors and being in control of a candy factory then it becomes a very entertaining little game.

There are three factories to choose from and at the start of the game the player chooses which one to visit. Once they go into their selected factory, the player just needs to press the green button to start making delicious candy. The entire creation process for the candy requires the pressing of buttons to send the candy to several stations where they are flavored and decorated. Once the line of sweet candy has been completed, the new candies are shipped to the candy store for the candy hungry customers to eat. The customers won’t like all of the candy, and they’ll pull funny faces when they don’t, if they do then those candies won’t last long. After this, the player just needs to repeat the process to keep that candy line flowing and to keep feeding those customers.

The player has a lot of controls over their candy to design the shape, the decorations and also the flavors. Each factory is a little bit different but not enough so, there is little variation difference between the factories. Dr Panda Candy Factory can be a bit tedious at times and the lack of variation only worsens that feeling; even children can become a bit bored with such as repetitive game over time. There is a co-op mode however where two players can play at once on the same screen which is great for parents and children to play together from the same device.

Dr Panda Candy Factory is fun for a little while and encourages creativity in children as they craft their candy. It could be a useful teaching tool to encourage children to go through the various steps to complete a task instead of just rushing to reach the final goal. It can be bought for iOS and Android devices.

Adam WolfeDr Panda Candy Factory Review : The Candy building game for children

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