Doculus is the way to deal with contracts on the move

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For working on the go, Doculus is the free app that helps users read and review business documents from any iOS device such as an iPhone. This app was created for contracts and agreements rather than most other document types; it is more useful for people working in industries where contracts are regularly signed such as sales or a legal profession.

Trying to view documents on a small smartphone screen can be almost impossible; to do this the user needs to scroll and maybe even pinch to zoom in and out of the text constantly. It forces busy people to delay their work until they can find a larger screen such as a tablet which may not even be that much better.

The Doculus app has a built-in document summary with an automatically created table of contents; it separates the document into small sections, condensing it down so the user can find the information they need quickly. It also displays images, charts and tables, so nothing gets missed. It’s also possible to sort and filter tables to find the most vital information.

Documents are presented in the right font and format automatically; the user can also change the font size so that the text is easier to read on the mobile device. Users can edit the document through the app, allowing them to work on the move from their iPhone.

The app also integrates with an email account which enables it to open documents which are emailed to that account; new attachments are automatically imported to Doculus, and the app also notifies the user when this has happened. Users can see any comments, changes and markups made on the document clearly; it’s also possible to leave to reply to comments and leave new comments from the iPhone before emailing the document back through the application.

Doculus is currently compatible with Word and Google Docs; PDF compatibility is coming soon. The team behind the Doculus app are partnering with the technology giant, Microsoft to improve the application and to make Office 365 documents readable through the app. Documents can be read offline by downloading it to the iPhone which allows users to continue working on documents even if they are on a plane.

A tool such as this one is no good for business if it’s not secure and Doculus is very safe; user details for email accounts are encrypted, and documents are only saved to the access device keeping the content entirely confidential.

For people who work with contracts a way to view them while away from a computer is paramount for closing deals and making corrections before the deadline. Doculus is a free app that makes being away from a computer less stressful by notifying the user when there’s a new attachment for the user to read and also by allowing them to work on the document.

Adam WolfeDoculus is the way to deal with contracts on the move

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