We value our visitor’s privacy. The Privacy policy summarizes on what information we collect to place on our website, how your private information is protected ,how the information you share with us is put in use.

We would like to bring to your notice that we do not hold responsibilities for usage of any information on other websites that are not in our scope . If any website is mentioned or provided as a hyperlink, make sure that you read their privacy policy,terms and conditions and disclaimer before providing information on that website. We hold every right to change this policy at any time by posting a new privacy policy. The following discloses our information gathering for the Web site located at the URL

Who is covered under the policy

This policy is applicable to all the visitors of our website and anyone who shares their information with us.

What Information we collect and how we use that information is the blogging & news portal focusing on publishing the app industry related news. We deal with providing information on applications that are trending and creating a revolution in the Market. Our portal deals with app related information and may use the Trademarks, Brand names etc collected from other Internet sources. We also publish useful information related to app marketing and app development. The project also includes an app review section to review latest products and mobile applications. We accept Guest Post and they may be the author’s own View.

The information that we collect is published on our portal under four different sections depending on the content – App Development,App Marketing,App News and App Reviews.We also publish any guest posts that are mailed to us.We also act as a source to promote any of the application developed by you.We ensure that the information provided by you is secure and not misused.

Personal Information Security

Some areas of our website might require your personal information such as during registration.We ensure that the personal information provided by you will be safe and secure with us. By personal information we mean your name,address , mail id etc.We do not share the information provided by you to any other organisation. Your contact information will be useful to get in touch with you in case we need to exchange data through our site. We will not hamper with the data provided by you and will be highly protected by us. We restrict access to personal information by other third party organizations and are subjected to strict confidentiality. We will not disclose any information such as your username,password,computer domain name or ip address which indicates your location . We will safeguard your information from unauthorized access, improper use,destruction,alteration and disclosure. We retain your personal information as long as it is necessary to us. We will ensure that our security process is up to date. We request you to update us with any changes in your personal information so that we could be in contact with you. You can still chose to refrain from providing your personal information during registration but you will be unable to post comments or provide reviews on our website. If you have any concerns on our security policy, please feel free to post your concerns through our website.


We do not collect personal infomration from children under 13 as per the Children’s Act of 1998 (COPPA).If we learn that we have collected any such information related to children under 13 we will take the necessary action to delete the information as soon as possible.


We might use Cookies to enhance your experience with our website. We mainly use cookies for storing information. Use of cookies are considered as industry standards. Cookies are used to store passwords ,your personal preferences on a website in order to make web-surfing easier as it reduces the need to enter them every time you try to access the website. But your browser has the option to accept cookies or decline them. It is absolutely your choice to allow using cookies on our website. Be noted that we might use cookies to link other information on your computer as well.

Your Privacy responsibilities

Your privacy is important to us.But below are few responsibilities which you need to ensure:

1. Do not share your password with anyone

2. Do not post irrelevant contents.

3. Refrain from posting offensive material.In this case,we hold every right to reject your articles

4. Take precautions to guard your computer against viruses by installing anti-virus software.

5. Sign out of the website when your work is completed.

6. We do not tolerate Spam. In case your e-mail has been filtered as spam and if you feel that it is a legitimate mail please notify us on the same.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Our policy is subjected to change anytime depending upon modifications in the purpose of our website. We will notify you on the new policy and also update the new policy on our website.It also is important that you check our privacy policy often for any updates.

Questions and comments

If you have any questions,concerns or any comments on our privacy policy,feel free to contact us through our website We welcome any feedback and we will strive to address them in a timely and effective manner.We will work with the best of our abilities.


We maintain this site to share information and also publish any information from guest visitors.Our data is mostly approximate but it might have some inaccuracies.Please feel free to browse the site.We do not hold any responsibilities for the accuracy of information on third party website accessible through links on our website .When you select a third party link you are subjected to the privacy policy,disclaimer and copyright policies of that website. By accessing and browsing our site you agree with the Terms and Conditions of the website and also acknowledge any agreement made with us.Thank you for visiting our website.

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