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Diabetes used to be thought as a rich man’s disease . Today things have changed and even young teenagers can get this disease. Diabetes is mainly thought of as a life style disease. It is more common today than it was early on because of the food we eat. Diabetes can be defined as a disease that occurs when the body is not producing enough insulin and results in the build up of glucose in the blood. Insulin is used by the body to activate the movement of glucose from the blood to the cells. Diabetes causes the individual to be weak and gains a lot of weight. Diabetes is incurable and as such diabetic people have to take a lot of care and seek medical advice as often as possible. Lucky today there has been development of mobile apps to help diabetic people monitor their condition and help control it. The apps have been revolutionary in the medical community as they have cheapened and made the diabetic life much happier. I have the privilege to look at a few apps and come up with a list of ones that I think are most suitable and convenient to all diabetic patience out there.

MySugr Companion



This has to be my favorite app on diabetes today. Diabetes is a major challenge to most people who have it. The developers knew this and as a result went out of their way to gamifier this app so that the users can have fun as they do their daily diabetic activities. Its motor is tame you Monster daily. The app has such a friendly interface. It tries to show you not all is glom and doom just because you have diabetes. Life shouldn’t be so serious just because you have diabetes. This app is suitable for the young and young at heart. It has points gathering method. You can collect points with you daily tasks. This is a high motivation method that works very well with everyone. This app is my favorite as it tries to show life is not so serious even though you have diabetes, this monster can be slain.Those are my favorite app about diabetes. They work really well and help a diabetic life a lot easier and happy.

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Glucose buddy


Glucose buddy is an app that was develops by Sky Health Company. This app is free and is available to both android and iOS users. This has enabled it to be more readily available to more users overly. The app has the most comprehensive statistical graphs that track a variety of things. These graphs monitor your progress. The app is best known for its function of tracking your insulin dosage. One of the most challenging things experienced by a diabetic person is to know your exact insulin intake and how to regulate it. Most of them have to go to a doctor to tell them what exactly to do and how much insulin to increase or reduce. Although visiting your doctor is still highly advisable, Glucose buddy can reduce the number of times you go to the doctor by advising on what to do by relying on past experiences through its many data recordings. It also has alarm alerts to inform you on when you are required to take your next dosage. This way you have no excuse on taking you medication late or forgetting to take them all together. My favorite feature on this app is of cos the alarm system to help you keep track of your medication at all times. Diabetic medication is very sensitive and as such a lot of care is usually taken in timely administration of medication.

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Filter Fitness Calculator


This app was created by Migoapps. It is available on iOS only. This app is free and as long as you have an Apple device you can download it. The App helps diabetic people track their weight. It record daily data and shows you your progress and places it on a chart so that you can see your progress. It also has a waist-hip ratio calculator. Every person has to have a waist-hip ratio to best fit his height. This helps you maintain the best height for your particular body type. The app also has a body fat percentage tracker. With this app you can see how much fat you have in your body to help you reduce it. It also advices you on what body fat you should maintain at all times. The app places all this information in a simple graph that you can simply see and monitor you progress. This is one of my favorite diabetic’s apps because it combines so many factors in an attempt to keep the patient as healthy as possible. With such a complex disease such as diabetes one needs to monitor all this aspects to maintain your health.

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Diabetes pal


This app was developed by Telcare Company. The company deals with medical technology and in my opinion the Diabetes pal app is one of their most successful and helpful innovations yet. The app has gone a step further and helps a patient calculate his blood pressure. Blood pressure is one of the most frequent conditions and also dangerous conditions experience by a diabetic. With the app one can predict if he is more likely experience blood pressure and tells you best steps to take to prevent the attack. It also helps you by monitoring you sleep duration. It advices on the best times to sleep and the required sleep duration you should have to keep you as alert and active as possible. Like other diabetic apps it also monitors your weight and places the data in a graph to help you monitor it. I like this app because they go that extra mile to make sure they are giving you all the help they can give.

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This is one app I have been really impressed with and that is why it is so high up the list. It was developed by Dr. Anjur Bhagase of the Diabetes home and the lowa Diabetes and Endocrinology research Centre. With the company’s years of experience in research, they came up with the most helpful user friendly and well thought out apps about diabetes I have seen today. The apps biggest plus is that it records all your over the counter and prescribed medication in its generic name. This helps you know exactly what you’re consuming and what is contained in the drug. It is always nice to know what exactly your drug is and this app helps you do that. It also keeps a list of the doctors and pharmacists around you number and location. This enables you to quickly locate a doctor or a pharmacist in case of emergency. This app is truly amazing. The app just makes the diabetic feel safe as he knows help is just an app away. It has a free version but if you want to get the full version it will only cost you 9.99 dollars a year, Pretty cheap when you consider all that it does for you.

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