Create Speech—Special Educator: An app suitable for a King (with speech disorders)

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A lot of people today are suffering from speech disorders, and simple everyday tasks as reading and speaking becomes a heavy burden for them. Parents and educators strive to make their lives better and devote a lot of time in their progress. A good movie depicting this effort is the famous “The King’s Speech”. Today, we have a lot of tools helping us with this difficult situation and keeping track of the patients’ progress. One of them is the app Create Speech—Speech Educator. It is an application specially tailored for speech therapists and comes to fill in the demand for a good piece of software in the specific sector. What does it do?

The first step is to add a student. Beyond the basic information the teacher can record the case number, the age, the grade as well as other side notes that will help him or her to realize fast enough the general frame of the corresponding case. If the session is not the first, then the doctor will have all the needed information with just a glance. But this is not the cutting edge of this application.

This application aims to highlight several points where the student needs to improve most. These points are product of thorough analysis and application of differentiation techniques. Through the application, the therapist or educator monitors in real time the progress of the student in specific tasks appointed by the therapist and thus gains the capability to focus on the more productive aspects of the healing process. With various layers of analysis, differentiation and monitoring the Create Speech—Speech Educator app is very simple to use and in the same time a very complex internally mobile app. Being compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android, it is available almost to every device.

Regarding its features, it is a clean and straightforward application, and it provides easy navigation through the forms. Moreover, adding more analysis categories is a simple task. Another important advantage of the app is that the therapist can print or e-mail the saved data on every stage. It is a method and target oriented app, with an easy overview of scope. It delivers fast assessment of results and achievements.


  • Very easy to use app. Self-explanatory in most of the cases.
  •  Plenty of helpful videos are available so that the user can watch and get acquainted with the basic features of the app right away.
  • Intelligent tracking system of the students’ progress.


  • Depending on the needs of the students, perhaps a need for more analysis categories than the basic three included will arise. This means cost (1,11€ per category). But frankly, this cost is totally nothing in contrast to the speech quality improvement that the students will show.

Final Verdict

This app represents the current state of the art regarding the tools available to a speech therapist. It organizes the job of the therapist. It makes things easier for the students. Overall, it is a great learning tool, with all its basic features provided free of charge.

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editor6Create Speech—Special Educator: An app suitable for a King (with speech disorders)

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